Betahaus Creative beast

Two heads are better than one; that’s the idea of Betahaus. The more brainpower in one space the better. Originating in Berlin, this innovative work area and community for creative professionals and entrepreneurs is the new big thing happening all over the globe, where creativity and ideas can be shared and explored. Barcelona’s Betahaus is home to 132 members, 38 start-up companies and 97 freelancers. Talk about an impressive résumé.

This private club is a 2000 square meter workplace and event space that is made up of a funky café, private rooms, larger communal work areas, and terraces—so you can get some work done while also getting your tan on, lounging in the sun. With all that space there’s also room for workshops, launch parties and a bunch of cultural events. Although this all may sound dandy, pump the breaks. In order to get one of their exclusive memberships you need to pass the interview process before being deemed Betahaus worthy. If you do get selected to join the club you also have special benefits at the other locations in places like Copenhagen and Vienna, and soon New York City. Betahaus is one full house of tech savvy, aspiring individuals from all over the world.

Cosmo Gallery Hungry aesthetes

Art may feed thought, but it won’t feed your stomach. Cosmo Gallery gracefully takes care of both concerns in a neatly designed part-café, part-gallery space. Delectable edibles bookend art immersion, and the cafe’s laid-back sofa-sphere make for a cozy spot to down the simple fare at Cosmo, such as hummus and guacamole, manchego cheese and Ibérico ham, fresh juices and weekend mojitos. And with your belly sated and head bedeviled by strong drink, soaking up the sumptuous visual art in the gallery will be a cinch. Cosmo’s curation includes a mixture of contemporary graphic-art and works by emerging newcomers, creating a meeting point for young artists looking to showcase their work in a professional environment.

Located right next to the university in a youthful, comfortable district of Barcelona, the friendly, neighborhood vibe of Cosmo reflects the community to which it belongs. Cosmo arranges art and education opportunities, while hosting regular concerts and pop-up stores in the gallery space.

Montcada Artistic vitality

In Barcelona’s cultural core, where a bunch of museums cavort, you can also find Montcada art gallery. A sizable range of contemporary artists of every kind regularly stop by to present their work to the art-versed audience of Barcelona.

The team here produce top quality exhibitions and care thoughtfully for their clients. Those wanting to enjoy special benefits like dinners with the artists or pre-openings can join the Montcada club, making it truly a place for intrepid art enthusiasts who are searching for a bit more than your random visitor.

Galería Artevistas Art for everyone

This new concept of art gallery intends to bring the enormous world of art closer to the audience that has been banned by the elitism of traditional galleries. The intention of Artevistas is to change the opinion, art is only for a small group of people.

Artevistas can be found at Passatge del Crèdit 4, a place unique and formidable through its architecture, atmosphere and its great location between the Ramblas and Plaça Sant Jaume in Barri Gòtic. This “finca” is known as the building where Joan Miró was born, in 1893. The building was once famous for it’s representative architectonic style with its structure and ornaments of iron which has been preserved in the design of today. Indeed, you have to be attentive to not miss the small narrow passage with it’s magical lights. Enormous iron gates show you the way to the two‑part art space in the middle of the passage. Through the varying music in the exhibition part and the friendly staff, you really feel invited into an open space of art without the pretentiousness of an art institution.

The repertoire spans around 800 art works in a permanent exhibition and more than 50 various artists, both established and newcomers, and also covers a great diversity of art styles, techniques and formats. To commit the audience and keep it up-to-date in the ever changing world of art, the gallery features new artists every month and a half in temporal exhibitions within a particular subject. At the Artevistas art gallery, the artists have to fulfill certain criteria of quality and hold an original and recognizable style.

Fundación Alorda-Derksen Keepin' it in the family

A passion for art runs in the family of garden furniture mogul Manuel Alorda, his wife Hanneke Derkson and their four children. Now the dynasty of art gurus and collectors, the Alorda-Derksen family, has given their collection and vision a permanent home—located in the center of the city.

Brand spankin’ new, Fundación Alorda-Derksen is sure to provide the newest exhibition perspectives and facilities, bringing Barcelona the best of international contemporary art.

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