KER Club Welcome to the big league

Whispers of a new party spot had been circulating for a while until a riotous opening bash shredded any semblance of underground cred. Nevertheless, while it may be no secret, KER is still hands-down (or should that be hands in air) one of the most exhilarating clubs in the city.

Those in control of the sound streams are at the top of the game. Let’s name drop the likes of Seth Troxler and Levon Vincent, alongside electro royalty in the shapes of Laurent Garnier and DJ Harvey. Music-wise, you get the picture already, but what about the bricks and mortar? Taking their cues from the iconic Spanish interior designer, Javier Regas, it’s a pretty sleek affair that pulls off the trick of being both intense and intimate.

That’s not to say there aren’t a couple blots on their scoresheet. The old ‘buy a bottle and be a VIP for the night’ policy is just not what we call a party. And the marauding official photographer doesn’t do anything for the vibe either. Needless to say, you won’t notice such nuisances when the dancefloor starts to throb.

Bar Tequila Hard and heavy

This jukebox rock haunt on the historic street of Escudellers stands out amongst the many bars on the famed nightlife strip. The interior is scarcely lit in a cool neon red that floods the two long corridors and walls decorated with heavy metal vintage posters and long track lists of music playing on the hanging headphones.

As the beers, “cubatas” and “calimochos” start to flow, petitions and requests keep the DJ busy. Throw on the headphones and rock to your own pace if you can handle the rush. Bar Tequila’s near half-century of business has seen track lists ease up and adopt some indie and alternative rock, appealing to a wider audience than the strict hard rock crowd that once had a stronghold on the joint. That said, all your old AC/DC and Megadeath favorites are still amped up and ready to go.

La Concha Risqué merriment

Formerly a gay bar and now home to a mixed bohemian crowd, La Concha boasts a diverse and spirited character. Its name is a sly salute to female genitalia, and the deliberate double meaning transmits to the bar’s customers, who enjoy their drinking with whatever extra flare they can derive on top.

The decor is dilapidated in the most appealing of ways, and pictures on the paneled walls pay tribute to Sara Montiel. A much-loved Spanish actress born in 1928, Montiel bravely bared all on the silver screen, at a time when widespread condemnation was all but guaranteed. Definitely one for the liberal drinker—but that tends to be true of all the best bars—La Concha certainly doesn’t lead you astray, unless that’s what you’re after.

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