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Olaf Breuning
One brain

The hustle and bustle of the Big Apple has always captivated Swiss-born artist Olaf Breuning. So much so his latest film project Home 3 is a veritable homage to it, an attempt to pin down what makes modern NYC tick. Following up on previous travails around Machu Picchu, Ghana and Tokyo, this latest edition (and potentially last?) of his Home series sees his hapless protagonist Brian Kerstetter wander uninformed around the metropolis, a bewildered spectator in a sea of urban chaos. Naturally, all the mishaps and mischief found in high-quality slapstick are evident here in droves. Olaf Breuning isn’t just interested in making you laugh, though—he uses humor as a lens through which he transposes the most incisive cultural commentary. Watch as Olaf skips town and escapes to his upstate New York sanctuary, where The Avant/Garde Diaries joins him for a chat about a wider career, one that has encompassed installations and photos and has constantly used art as a medium through which to express what is, for him, the crux of life.

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