Slab City is the quintessential example of how architecture can represent far more than an aesthetic statement, in being a way of life. With no electricity, running water, sewers or toilets, this is a return to the bare basics and definitive off-the-grid living for those that make the trek onto the site, set on the old Marine barracks of Camp Dunlap in California. Infamous for it’s Wild Wild West, slightly lawless vibe, it’s also a visual marvel—the three-stories high, acrylic paint and Bible verse covered Salvation Mountain remaining the centrepiece of the sprawl. Whether or not it truly is ‘the last free place on earth’, Slab City is an example of how architecture can be so much more, that’s if you can find it—your GPS probably won’t.

Slab City
  • Ben Hulse Highway
  • CA 92257 Niland

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