After Dark
Bow down for beer

This fine example of a hole-in-the-wall bar near the bustling Spui square is easy to overlook, but offers a bit of peace and quiet in the middle of the crowded city center. This might be because the average Gollem attendee is on a quest for something, shall we say, precious?

This place attracts serious disciples of the fine art of brewing, and they arrive with a reverent silence that takes a couple of tripels to evolve into chatty drunken reverie. You can take up residence on a bar stool and try to integrate with the other pint-swilling philosophers and seriously test your alcohol tolerance or you can take the high road and observe the proceedings from high atop the mezzanine.

Whatever you do, make sure you had a hearty meal beforehand to soak up all those brewskis. The only worthwhile calories you can consume at Gollem are liquid, and those steps that lead to the toilet are mighty tricky…

  • Raamsteeg 4
  • 1012 VZ Amsterdam
  • T 1, 2, 5 at Spui (Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal)

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