Frame store Shoptical illusion featured

From the street outside, Frame Store in Amsterdam appears to just play host to a few rows of graphic prints and pretty frames, but venture further into the “concept” store and you’re in for a big surprise. Behind the art (and we mean literally behind the art) are all sorts of treasures for you to browse through, ranging from high-end fashion and beauty products to books and magazines to, well, more prints. It’s like popping open a really chic version of Pandora’s box. Geometric lamps from the likes of Jørn Utzon, fancy crockery from Faye Toogood, stools made of cork, sunglasses made of wood, artwork from Linda Linko, and an elephant-shitload more cool things to spice up your home/self with.

Frame Store is also a platform for the eponymous “Frame” magazine, one of the world’s biggest interior design rags, as well as promoting a couple of other publications on architecture and contemporary art. This place really is a hotspot for the creative denizens of the city. Tag along to one of their many events (think arty, foody, fashiony) or simply drop by for a mooch around.

Harvest and Company Vintage reimagined featured

Part vintage furniture store, part gallery and part project hub, Harvest and Company has come to market in a big way in Amsterdam’s Oud West. Throwing accepted notions of interior goods shops out of a very high window (so that you wouldn’t be able to recognise them even if they survived the fall), they went back to the drawing board to create a bold new breed of design boutique.

The white-walled and polished-concrete floored space (dotted here and there with potted plants and cacti) plays home to a curated collection of wall decorations, custom-made tables, and industrial lights and chairs—all more than worthy additions to even the slickest of pads.

Canal House Upgrade your slumber featured

Chic doesn’t even begin to cover what this boutique stopover is all about. With its gothic-luxe interior and sumptuous spaces, it’s no wonder awards have been raining down on the hotel. Don’t be fooled by the room grading system, the rather underwhelming titled “good room” is a treasure trove of velveteen bedding and handpicked artworks. While the “best room” offers a postcard-picture canal view and a freestanding bath that could only be more decadent if it were filled with Dom Pérignon. The real clincher, however, is the oasis of green outback; a rare treat in central Amsterdam and one of the largest in the city to boot.

Puccini Bon-very-bon

Ladies (and gentlemen) who are either self-confessed chocoholics or may have forgotten an anniversary and are looking to overcompensate should look no further. Puccini is to chocoholics what humans are to zombies: a mere whiff can drive addicts into a bloodthirsty frenzy.

Okay, that might be a slight exaggeration, but these hand-crafted delicacies are very fine indeed. The chocolatiers use the best cacao and fresh fruits, spices and liquors to create their bonbons, and more exotic variants have tamarind, thyme and rhubarb flavors. Puccini also has an Italian espresso bar where scrumptious cakes, pastries, rolls and coffee are available. It’s all a bit pricey, but the quality is stellar.

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