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Write Right, So It’s Read Correct

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What were the creators of the WhatsApp application thinking when they came up with this new and unique way of mobile communication? In case one may not already know the name WhatsApp Inc. was coined with the intention of making a pun at the common phrase used amongst friends “what’s up?”

This application is based on a technology that allows communication between two devices both of which have the application installed. It is similar to the SMS system that was initially introduced by the telecom industry the world over when mobile phones were first launched in the 1990s.

What is WhatsApp?

WhatsApp messenger is a form of mobile communication similar to the text messaging system but without having the user pay for sending these messages. It is a cross platform messaging system and can be used on a host of devices such as all types of smart phones and even on I Pads and tablets.

The WhatsApp messenger application is available for I Phones, Nokia, Android, Windows Phones and even the blackberry devices. As a result of it compatibility with a large number of devices, the WhatsApp messenger is the world’s leading application for communication through text messaging.

WhatsApp Features:

While WhatsApp messenger is predominantly a text messaging applications, its multiple unique features extend way beyond texting. Sending a typed message to another user is merely the tip of the ice berg as far as WhatsApp features are concerned. It comes with a whole directory of in built special characters, emoticons, and even pictures of animals, objects, food articles and even vehicles. The list is so exhaustive that one can actually carry out an entire conversation merely using these pictographical representatives without feeling the need to use a single typed word.

Write Right, So It’s Read Correct

How about customizing your status on whats app

The WhatsApp application comes with certain in built status lines. WhatsApp offers eleven whats app status that’s users can use to update on their profile. These statuses updates are common ones that tell the other readers that the person may or may not be available to respond to messages that have been sent to him.

WhatsApp status updates include;

  • Available

  • Busy

  • At school

  • At the movies

  • At work

  • Battery about to Die

  • Can’t talk, WhatsApp only

  • In a meeting

  • At the gym

  • Sleeping

  • Urgent calls only.

Users need not restrict themselves to these limited options. The status category is a free field wherein users can type whatever they wish to. They may also use the various characters and emoticons that are available at their disposal.

When an individual scrolls through the entire contact list on the WhatsApp application, what they will see is the profile picture and the status update. Just reading these short messages often offers the reader some insight into writer’s mind set. Often the status message compliments the profile photo. For example, if the photo features a picturesque location, the status message may hold a short description of the place that the individual may have recently visited.

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