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Why You Should Opt For A Swimming Pool Solar Heating System

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Solar pool heating is an efficient and cost effective means of utilizing solar energy. Warm pools are very inviting especially during winter. On a cold day, using the pool would be difficult and you will end up using a lot of electric energy. Here is some salient information about swimming pool solar heating.

How Does it Work?

This system is composed of the solar panels that capture the rays of the sun and convert it into heat energy. Panels built of huge plastics are installed on the roof structure of your home above the existing water circulating system. The panels are installed in such a way that they tilt towards the direction of the sun.

The water circulates inside the pool and runs over the panels, gets heated up and enters your swimming pool. This process can be automated, which will reduce hands-on efforts.

The good thing about this system is that there is no interference with the way the pool filters your water. You can control the operation of the solar pool heater manually or set it to work automatically.

How do we determine the size that suits your pool? Well, we use computer sizing after getting the dimensions of your pool, the length of the swimming season, and the temperature you desire. The program also sizes up your needs to come up with a custom solution for you. So, what does our swimming solar pool heating system offer you as a home owner?

Why You Should Opt For A Swimming Pool Solar Heating System

An Eco-friendly Option

The energy is produced by the rays of the sun. It does not require the use of the earth’s all-natural resources that is easily depleted. You get to enjoy while saving energy by reducing global warming by using less electric power.

Easy to Use

Our solar pool heating unit integrates into the existing swimming pool system, or it can be incorporated into a new construction project. You don’t have to break the existing system for you to get to use the heating unit.

Extended Lifespan

When you install a solar heater for your swimming pool, you are set to enjoy extended use of the system. The system comes with a guaranteed lifespan of 20 years. You don’t need maintenance options for the system to work well for you.

Additionally installing the panels on the roof does not affect the integrity of your roof. We install the panels in such a way that the drainage system and the shingles are intact.

The robust designs also make the system to last long. The system has also been designed to start heating up the minute the sun comes up. Even in low sunlight, you still get to use your swimming pool, because the panels are highly sensitive and will grab the rays of the sun that are not visible to the naked eye.

One-time Installation Fee

Installing the solar system is a one-time process. All you have to do is pay for the solar panels, the connecting cables, and the batteries. After this, you don’t have to pay for anything else, because solar energy is free. This reduces your monthly energy bills.

Final Thoughts

If you have a solar pool heater, you get to enjoy your swimming pool at anytime of the day or the night, regardless of the prevailing weather.

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