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Polycom Sound Stations

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So when you’re at sound stations for conference calls and the like, at the top of your head, you can only think of the California based multinational corporation – Polycom. And, for all the right reasons! Ever since the 1990’s, this company has been providing us with state-of-the-art quality performance in terms of calling and receiving calls in bulk. Right down to its slogan “Unleashing the power of human collaboration” and right up to their service, Polycom has, time and again, showed us that they can, indeed, dominate the sound station market while still not compromise on the quality of products. Where ever there’s a phone system, be it your backyard office or the largest conference rooms, Polycom makes conference calls and meetings over the phone effortless and natural.

Product Specifications

Polycom realizes that your conference room phone system is a huge asset as far as networking, communicating and collaboration is concerned and that’s why it comes with features such as the following. First off, the looks – the devices are made in such a manner that they are stylish but just enough to meet the business needs and adding or accentuating the work environment of any office. Irrespective of the size of the room, these products provide crisp and crystal clear communication from one end to another, even during simultaneous conversations, making this an ideal companion for the office.

Polycom Sound Stations

Special Features

With Polycom’s patented Acoustic Clarity Technology (ACT), conversations sound and flow more naturally and to all ends of the communication line without barriers or interference. Polycom Soundstation sets the new standard for over-the-phone meetings, from large integrated auditoriums, from analog to digital to IP networks with multiple protocols, from wired to wireless, Polycom has the direct control over the communication quality and audio conference solutions to suit all needs.

The devices come with options to be “Tailor-made” and integrated into any organization without a lot of hassle or programming. This goes on to decrease labor on the part of the users and makes them more cost-effective.

Polycom provides you with the next-generation sound stations that are here to stay in the market for a long time because they are adaptive and flexible and they change according to the business needs or environment so that they are of little inconvenience and maximum efficiency to any firm. These will provide you with a remarkably high technological upgrade, as far as communication is concerned and then some.


Imagine these lean, mean, not-fighting machines to proverbially pack a punch with all the augmented benefits they have to offer. Being the leading manufacturer, they have, quite literally, the top of the line products at a value-friendly rate, so that any organization can own and make use of them.

They deliver superior voice quality and almost a 50% increase in the microphone sensitivity so now you don’t have to scream your lungs out if you’re at a distance. Adding to all of that is the customer-service which gives you warranty service and hassle-free after-sales support at the drop of a hat.

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