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Why We Need to Rejuvenate Our Body?

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Liver is clearly essential to our optimum health and it is an important filtration and removal organ. Liver is a complex task and it is required to perform hundreds of tasks, especially filtering the blood. Blood flows into our liver from intestines, stomach, heart and lung. Our liver removes all the toxins and impurities from our blood. Liver is nourished by nutrient-rich blood from the intestines and healthy red blood cells are produced by a properly functioning liver. Unfortunately, our liver can be affected by accumulated nitrates, preservatives, food coloring, emulsifiers, you name it. It is important for us to assist our body in removing these toxins. Food coloring, taste enhancers and other chemicals are foreign to our body, because they don’t naturally occur. Our liver also produces important digestive juice to cleanse the blood and properly digest food. It is quite easy for us to inhale and absorb chemicals each day. Toxin exposure may increase due to smoking, medications, use of steroid, alcohol indulgence and contaminated drinking water.

Why We Need to Rejuvenate Our Body

There are thousands of synthetic chemicals used in the food industry and they don’t include unintentional contamination, such as pesticides, dioxins and heavy metals. The prevalence of synthetic chemicals in the food industry will put a significant pressure to our liver. It will work harder to regulate metabolic activity and detoxify our body. Liver is also essential to balance and help regulate hormones. It is essential to the proper functions of neurological system. Our body can’t function properly if there’s an excessive accumulation of by-products. After brain, liver is the second biggest organ on it could weigh up to 1.5kg and it is able to filter 1.4 liters of blood each minute. Liver is quite unique, because it can regenerate itself. Other than filtering blood, liver has other significant functions, such as metabolizing carbohydrate, proteins and fat. It stores fat-soluble vitamins and produces bile. Glycogen, a type of energy reserve, is stored in liver.

So, liver is often considered as a part of the digestion system, although it isn’t connected directly to the stomach, intestines and colon. Liver maintains fluid balance and electrolyte. Estrogen and other excess hormones are broken down inside liver. Toxin will be transformed into from fat-soluble into water-soluble, so it can be removed very easily. People who have troubled liver would suffer from various health issues. Unfortunately, liver is among the most ignored organs and we rarely maintain and rejuvenate it. There are symptoms that indicate that we should pay attention to our liver, such as abdominal bloating, allergies, weakness, fatigue, coated tongue, bad breath, poor metabolism and constipation.

By rejuvenating our liver, we should be able to get amazing changes in our body. Liver cleansing is often what it takes to solve many health issues. It’s quite exciting to see how people could feel much better after they perform liver cleansing. Without proper rejuvenation method, we shouldn’t feel cravings, boredom, fatigue, headache and hunger. Many people avoid liver cleansing, because they think it’s a difficult thing.

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