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Why Should I Choose Custom Printed Labels On A Roll?

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If you are looking into custom printed labels on a roll, you might be wondering why you should choose this option over an A4 sheet (for example). There are actually a number of reasons why choosing a roll is the more preferable option, some of which we have outlined in the list below. If you are trying to choose the most appropriate option for your needs, we hope that the points discussed below help to convince you either way.

Why Should I Choose Custom Printed Labels On A Roll?

So, why should you choose a roll over a whole sheet?

  • Better When Ordering In Bulk
    Ordering a roll of labels is actually the preferable option if you plan to order in bulk. This is because you’ll receive one continuous roll, whereas if you order sheets of labels you’ll receive a packet filled with individual pages. Many people find it easier to lose a single sheet of stickers than it is to lose a roll, as they’re quite light and can fall behind the desk or float to the floor in the smallest breeze.
  • More Compact, Easier Storage
    You will find that a roll of labels is far more compact, and therefore easier to store, than a sheet. This is because it can be easily tossed into a drawer or bag when not in use, or it can even be stored relatively neatly on the desk. Sheets, on the other hand, take up a lot more space and are prone to becoming crumpled when shoved into bags. When left on the desk, they have a tendency to look messy.
  • More Customisation
    There also seems to be more customisation available for custom printed labels that are presented in a roll. This is because there is more variety in the sizes available (as the roll will just become wider or narrower, depending on your needs) and it won’t affect how many can fit on the sheet. The shape of the labels also won’t cause any issues – they can be square, rectangular or even circular.
  • More Compact, Easier Shipping
    The size and shape of the roll can actually make shipping a little easier than whole sheets, too. This is because a single roll can be slipped into a padded envelope or a larger number can be stacked inside a small box – then they’re just dropped into the post and off they go. Sheets, on the other hand, can be slid into an appropriately sized envelope – but there is always the chance it will become bent during transit.

We hope that the information provided in this article has shown you exactly why you should choose custom printed labels on a roll as opposed to one of the other options available. As you can see, you will receive a number of benefits from a roll that simply aren’t available with other options. If you’re still having trouble reaching a decision, ensure that you speak with your printer; they will be able to offer advice and suggestions, as well as steer you in the right direction.

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