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Why It Makes Sense To Choose Turkey For Your Hair Transplant

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Millions of men all over the world are suffering from premature baldness, and with the advancement of modern technology, new and innovative methods produce amazing results. Many western men mistakenly believe that the best hair transplant surgery would cost an arm and a leg, which it would if performed by a European or American clinic, but with Turkey being the global centre for the hair transplant industry, prices are far cheaper than in Europe.

The Best Surgeons

In some ways, the hair transplant industry is no different to any other medical field, and the best surgeons want to work with the latest equipment that enables them to perform well. Turkey has long been the hub for the pioneers of this field, and with many state of the art clinics in Istanbul, you are literally spoilt for choice. It is possible to have cheap hair transplant in Turkey, as the cost of living is so low, and that doesn’t mean the quality will suffer.

Unbeatable Prices

You might be surprised to learn that the very best in hair transplant technology will cost you much less in Turkey than in Europe or the US, and unlike most things, cheap doesn’t mean you have to compromise on quality. The main reason for the huge price difference is that the local economy is lower than in developed countries, which means that land prices and salaries are significantly lower, and this allows for the best service at an affordable price.

Why It Makes Sense To Choose Turkey For Your Hair Transplant

Sourcing the Right Clinic

With so many hair transplant clinics in Istanbul, it can seem like a daunting task to select one, and as a general rule, look for a website that has many customer reviews, which are all verifiable. This is the only way to really be sure that the clinic is of the highest standard and the surgeons are in the top bracket, and if you choose an established and well equipped clinic, they will have a lot of experience in dealing with foreign patients.

Comprehensive Service

A successful clinic would have streamlined the process, with someone meeting you at the airport and taking you to your luxury accommodation, which would be very near the clinic, and the following morning you would be taken to the clinic for your initial consultation with the surgeon. He would then explain the procedure and answer any questions you might have, and with professional nurses who will provide you with preparation instructions, your operation would be performed the following day.

Short Recovery Time

Within a few days, you can return home and carry on with life as normal, or you could stay on for a while and enjoy the amazing experience that Turkey has to offer. The very low price allows for a holiday into the bargain, and if you have never experienced a holiday in Turkey, now is the perfect time.

Selecting the right clinic is the most important step, and with a few hours of browsing, you should be able to source a reputable clinic that is reasonably priced, and the process of making a booking has never been easier.

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