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Why Giveaways And Promotional Mugs Are The Best Marketing Strategy For SME’s

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Marketing can be crucial for all the companies who want to acquire more customers and increase their presence in the market. Small and medium sized enterprises (SME) usually have a limited budget and cannot afford hard core marketing strategies for advertising their product or brand name. They need to adopt more economical marketing techniques so that they can easily focus their resources on developing their products and services while establishing a better brand name.

There are multiple options which SME’s can go for, including small giveaways and promotional mugs.

Promotional mugs are definitely one of the best, most inexpensive marketing strategies. This tool is used by the majority of SME’s and even the larger companies as an addition to their other marketing tools.

Other giveaways which have the name and logo of the company printed on them are a great way of creating brand awareness. Whether you are giving away key chains, mugs, pens or even a notepad with your company’s logo on it – you are participating in a powerful marketing campaign.

These giveaways do not actually cost a lot to the company and in fact, have a much longer lasting impact on the minds of consumers. This is because of the longer shelf life of these products. The giveaways can be provided to customers, audiences and even employees which have the potential of promoting and establishing the company’s image.

Why Giveaways And Promotional Mugs Are The Best Marketing Strategy For SME's

The best time to distribute those promotional mugs and giveaways is during business meetings, conferences, events, special sales, trade fairs and other festivals and special occasions.

The most important thing to keep in mind while handing out these promotional products is their quality. Make sure all giveaway are high quality products without any defects. A poor quality giveaway can immediately ruin the brands impression. You have to use these gifts as an impression maker which reflect the quality of your brand. To get high quality printing done on mugs, you can visit

The versatility of mugs makes them one of the best promotional giveaways. Whether you’re at home, in the office or even travelling – everyone has their favorite mug which they take along everywhere. Using high quality and attractive printing, you can easily make you promotional mug a customer’s favorite one.

People may throw away key chains, notepads and diaries – but a good mug is always used, in fact the average Brit drinks more than 800 cups of tea per year. With this in mind, design the perfect promotional mug and start distributing!

Small sized businesses usually have a similar goal in mind: expanding their business. And with and increase in awareness of the brand name, you can undoubtedly expect a larger customer base. And the more customers you get, the higher revenue and profits you generate.

With the increase in capital, you can easily expand your business and also gain enough resources to further enhance your marketing strategies and tools. The key for any company is to have a strong brand and this can be only be achieved over time. Starting with promotional products is a really good start.

Post by Daisy Burgess – Promotional Marketing Expert and Blogger

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