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A Guide To Buying Proper Boxing Gloves by Turner Sports

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What should be the right size of the boxing gloves?

Glove size is measured in ounces. The sizes available for boxing gloves are in even number for instance 8oz, 10oz, 12oz, 14oz etc. Ideally the size for a professional fighter is 10oz. A bigger size glove offers extra padding therefore better hand and knuckle protection.  The greater the size of the glove, the more comfortable the glove which is why it is used to hit the punch bags and for training purposes. The more you practice with heavier gloves, greater the chance of moving your hands quickly during the fight.

Commonly used for training: 16oz

During the fight: 8oz to 10oz

It is important to wear hand wraps before you put on your boxing gloves.  They provide a better fit and the hand feelscomfortable inside the glove.

A Guide To Buying Proper Boxing Gloves by Turner Sports

Significance of the right glove-type:

There are several types of gloves available in the market so before you go on to buying boxing gloves, please keep the following things in mind:

  1. Bag Gloves:-

Bag gloves are used in training and their size is also around 4oz. They are basically used to train on focus pads and punch bagswhich results in developing a better hand and eye coordination. When you practice using these gloves, you are able to train better for the upcoming fights.

Types of Bag Gloves: (1) The Classic Bag Gloves (2) The Modern Bag Gloves

The difference between the two is the amount of padding. The classic bag gloves are not recommended anymore. The modern bag gloves offer much more cushion and support to your hands and knuckles respectively.

  1. Sparring Gloves:

They happen to be 16oz mostly providing more cushioning and inturn helping you and your partner during the spar sessions.  The Gloves are also heavier than the fighting gloves which increase your patience and stamina as a result. They are meant to promote the skill and art of boxing rather than to knock your partner out.

  1. Training Gloves

They are a must if you are talking about boxing.  As the name suggests these gloves are made for training. Whether you are hitting the heavy bags, mitts training, sparring, you name it and these gloves come in handy.  They are neither too thick nor too thinly padded.

  1. Fighting Gloves

Fighting gloves are the gloves you use for the fight. They are a bit smaller and more to the point in order to hurt the opponent to the maximum. Usually a 10oz fighting glove is the ideal size for the fighters.

  1. Muay Thai/Kick Boxing Gloves

As this sport is getting popular by the day, Muay Thai and kick boxing Gloves are gaining popularity. They are similar to boxing and sparring gloves. Muay Thai gloves are more bendable during the fight, which helps grab the opponent.

Brands Do Matter

It is better to buy well-known brands for boxing because the cheaper brands can be dangerous to your hands and knuckles. The padding might be of low quality and the foam could be sub-standard. Therefore I suggest you go for brands professional boxers have chosen for themselves. I would suggest you try the boxing equipment by Turner Sports UK. Their quality is high while the price is economical.

Does the colour of the gloves matter?

Some colours are less visible to the human eye and therefore useful during fight nights. Red is less visible therefore boxers prefer red during the fight. Light coloured gloves are more visible and therefore they are used during training sessions, so trainers can seethe punches on their punch pads.

Lacing and unlacing is a burdensome activity

As times have changed and more and more people want to train alone thus the term Velcro was coined. They are best recommended for the individuals who are practicing alone because Velcro gloves have straps. Though lace-up gloves provide a better fit than the Velcro gloves, they also need an extra pair of hands to tie them up.

I would suggest you all buy leather gloves rather than cheap vinyl gloves. The leather gloves offer better quality whereas the vinyl gloves are often of low-quality. They wear out after a little bit of punching and could be dangerous to your hands and knuckles.

Turner sports UK is convinced that their leather gloves are of premium quality so that your hands are safe and secure from injuries during training or in the actual fight.

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