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Why A Modern Website Is Essential For Town and Parish Councils

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When most individuals hear the words ‘web design’ they assume that the website which is being built will be for a business or that it will reflect one’s personal interests. But website building and design are just as important for Town and Parish Councils as it is for a company or any other government body.

Why A Modern Website Is Essential For Town and Parish Councils

A Clean Website Encourages Community Engagement

Newspapers and radio advertisements used to be the best way to get in touch with the community. Now with fewer people reading the newspaper and fewer people listening to the radio, Town and Parish Councils must come up with new ways to reach out to those living within the area.

There is no question that a growing number of people are going online for information, and this includes information about the community they live in. By having a clean and easy to navigate website for your Town or Parish, you will be able to share the most pertinent information about your town, gather information and opinions through polls and comments, and continue to build a community which will satisfy the needs of all of its inhabitants.

An Increased Chance for Funding

Funding from the government or another source is another important part of being able to successfully run a Town or Parish. Apart from any documentation which they may have already obtained about your community, most funding sources will go online and look through your website for more information about your Town and Parish. Here they will be able to obtain essential information such as news about current events, obtain past Agendas and Minutes from council meetings, find archived notes, and more.

The Features Your Town or Parish Council Needs

Designing a website for a Town or Parish differs quite a bit from building a website for a brand or a business. While a business may be showcasing one particular service or line of products, the website for a Town or Parish has to share a lot of information in a way that it is accessible to a number of different interest groups.

There are some web building companies which focus solely on council website design with no annual licence fees. They understand the unique needs of a Town and Parish website, and will be able to make educated recommendations on what should be included in your website. Some of the most important features you should expect for your website include:

  • Responsive web design so that your website appears properly on any device (i.e. your home computer, tablet, mobile phone, etc.)
  • Home page slide transitions which not only make your website appear modern, but which also share images of what has happened recently in your community
  • Site search features
  • Service Pages
  • Interactive polls and community forums
  • A business directory

Sit down and share what functions you want your website to be able to perform when you first meet with the website design company. Provide them with information about what features you feel must be incorporated and what can be left behind. The web designer should be able to come up with a concrete web building plan that will incorporate your wants, as well as include any knowledgeable suggestions he or she has made.

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