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How Linux Shared Hosting US Provides Better Opportunities For SMBs

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Web hosting offers the users plenty of choices. With the e-commerce trading on the rise, the competition in the web hosting industry is getting fierce. The notion as to which operating system to use is not relevant to web hosting. Linux and Windows are two popular options available. Yet another question that comes to the mind is which type of hosting to take. Shared hosting is the most popular one especially for the startups and new businesses. It is very cost effective. A new business should consider the price factor, client reviews, the plans and packages offered and most important the security and support system offered while buying the services of a Linux Shared Hosting US company.

How Linux Shared Hosting US Provides Better Opportunities For SMBs

Who Prefers Linux Platform?

When a website relies on certain Windows technologies like ASP, .NET, Microsoft Access, MSSQL etc it is preferred to go in for Windows web hosting package. Customers wanting to launch an online shopping cart or bloggers or any simple website without any specific requirements or those that need PHP, Peri or MySQL database should opt for Linux hosting packages.

Linux Shared hosting US services is beneficial for individuals and entities that are

  • Starting a website for the first time

  • Having a small business or startup

  • Learning new ideas of coding and web designing

  • Building sites for relatives and friends

  • Having limited budget for web hosting.

There are various reasons for choosing Linux Shared Hosting US packages.

  • Cost: Being an open operating system it is free to use with no license fees attached. This keeps the costs low and makes it affordable for the customers.

  • Stability: Linux based servers being more stable than Windows does not slow down and do not experience any memory leaks and come with better uptime.

  • Flexibility: Linux can be used for many things like setting up a website, blogging, multimedia application and more. It is also compatible with distributions like SUE Linux, Red Hat or Ubuntu giving the platform more flexibility.

  • Support: The Linux shared hosting US providers have technically qualified professionals on their pay-rolls. They monitor and take care of all issues relating to maintenance and smooth functioning of the server.

  • Customizable: In case none of the plans suit one’s needs, they can ask for a customized package. as per their requirements.

A Few Salient Features of Hosting:

Generally the Linux shared hosting US packages come with 2 or 3 different plans. The basic low cost plans are ideal for individuals and the features are slightly different as the costs go up. All the plans come with guarantee of 24/7 support, unlimited disk space, sub domains, email accounts, bandwidth and an excellent easy to use control panel.

Individuals and small businesses have an excellent opportunity to create an additional source of income. They can take up the Linux Reseller hosting service. Here the customer buys a portion of the disk space and bandwidth from the host. They then sell the space and bandwidth to a third party under their name as if they are the real owners of that portion. The parent host does not interfere and gives complete control to the customer. The latter creates their own plans and sell at a margin thus creating revenue for their business.

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