Which Is The Best Option For Small Business – Desktop Or Laptop

To operate a business, computer is not a luxury, but a necessity in today’s world. It eases a lot of business process, but also ensures unmatched accuracy, efficiency and increased productivity in business. There are two options available when buying this beneficial technological equipment.

One is desktop and other one is laptop. Selection of the one generally depends on the type of your business or work.  This article focusses on small business. It gives you valuable information that helps you decide the best one for yourself.

Factors you need to look when deciding between a desktop or a laptop

  • Budget

Laptops are comparatively costlier than a desktop PC. If you want to save more on the cost of a desktop PC, then you can go for an assembled one where different parts of the computer from different popular brands are assembled in one single unit. This reduces the cost of a computer than buying a fully branded model.

Not just the cost of purchasing, but also the cost of maintenance, repair and replacement is expensive in case of a laptop. So a thorough analysis of the budget you have, and would it be sufficient to cope up with the ongoing repairs needs to be carried out.

With various brands of computer available in the market, Dell Optiplex is one of the best computers. It has several useful features, long life, reliability, quality infrastructure and low cost that has made it highly popular among computer users.

  • Type of job

This is another important factor when you need to select between a laptop or a desktop PC. If your work allows you to remain in a stationary place and do the job such as a desk job, then desktop PC will be a good deal.

On the other hand, if you need to carry your computer to various places along with you such as visiting clients within or outside city / country then in that case investment in a laptop will be beneficial.

Dell Optiplex computers are best for small business use. Not only it occupies less space, but also available at a very competitive price. These computers come with decent warranty so if any damage (covered under terms and conditions) happens to the system it would be taken care of by the company itself.

  • Need of computer

As a small business, you would require less number of computers to accomplish your job. In such a case you can go for cost effective desktop PC that will save you a lot of money per computer. Not only it will be a profitable purchase but also an efficient one.


Both laptop or a desktop PC has their own disadvantages and benefits. But for small scale business with limited budgets, you need to be very careful about each and every investment you make. Looking at limited finances and requirements, a desktop computer is more feasible option.    

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