Understand The Importance Of Responsive Testing With Browserling Online Browser Testing Tool

Today it is impossible to even image the life without the Internet. You take any field of business and Internet plays very important role. With this the web designing becomes very much crucial. Web designers need to keep in mind that the web application should be working correctly on any platform and any device. According to some of the very popular web designers each and every business needs to be flexible enough to reach every consumer on any type of screen.

Some of the important things the web designers, web consultants and even the project managers should keep in their minds that people across the world use various devices this leads to:

  • Various kinds of browsers
  • Different screen types and sizes
  • Various operating systems

This means the web designer should make sure that the design is capable of handling all the popular browsers, screen resolutions, and even operating systems. Over and above all, the website should look great on all browsers. Even if one consumer is using the older browser he should get the same feeling, while using the website.

To achieve this result the most important factor that should be taken care is cross-browser testing. There are thousands of testing companies available across the globe. When it comes to giving the professional touch one company by name “Browserling” tops the list. This is one of the best online browser testing services providing company.

While most of the other testing companies provide only the screenshots, Browserling provides much more than that. It is most convenient interactive tool and you can actually get the feeling of using a real browser on a real computer.

One of the most important features is that the online browser they offer to their consumers. Every time you use the browser you can get the latest and updated browser. Almost all the popular browsers such as Chrome, Internet Explorer and Firefox will be with the latest versions. It even supports the legacy browsers such as Internet Explorer 6 and 7.

When you talk about the operating systems they offer services on all the operating systems. Windows XP to the latest Windows 10, and Android OS from Kit Kat to Marshmallow to Android N. With the increasing demand and popularity they are going to soon launch the services on iOS and Mac OSX. They are promising to launch the Linux OS as well.

Some of the salient features of the Browserling are:

  • The classic one is browser screenshots, which enables you to capture the screenshots and save them on your account.
  • Along with the bug hunter you can also pinpoint the bugs on the same screenshots and share bug reports among your team within few clicks.
  • By changing the resolution you can resize the browser to any screen size and carry out responsive web testing.
  • Most important feature is the simplicity of using the browser.

If you want to have some fun, while you are stressed of the working then check out their new weekly Web-comic about programmers. Other than that give Browserling a try as well! It’s free for quick testing and doesn’t require a registration.