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Which Air Duct System to Choose – Flexible or Sheet Metal Ductwork?

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If you are looking for a new air duct system, you will come across a number of options. When replacing the current ductwork, it is important to choose a system that works well with your existing heater and AC. Here are the 2 most commonly used systems and the reasons why you should be choosing them.

Flexible Air Duct System

Flexible duct systems are employed in places where rigid and hard ductwork is not feasible. They are usually made from plastic-based materials which are durable, and may also be insulated. Highly versatile, these ducts should be installed properly, else sealing them properly will be an issue.

Advantages of Flexible Ductwork

The following are the main advantages of installing flexible air duct systems in your home:

  • Relatively Cheaper – Using flexible air duct system in place of metal ducts will naturally help save more. It will save you money in almost all aspects. Especially if you are on a budget, it is recommended to choose this type of ductwork.
  • Less Labour Intensive – These duct systems are not only cheaper in terms of material costs, they are also less labour intensive. This means you will be saving money on labour too. The reason is that it is easier and faster to install, and also doesn’t require highly skilled labour. Metal ductwork can however be highly labour intensive.
  • Simpler Installation – As already indicated, flexible duct systems are easier to install. You can install them into difficult spaces unlike metal systems without much difficulty. Many times it is required to work around different angles which will be too complex with metal ductwork. These flexible air duct systems can however make the task easier (and cheaper too).

Metal Air Duct System

Metal ductworks are usually available in cylindrical and rectangular lengths. They are considered to be more efficient and effective. Besides, there is the advantage of using a system that highly durable. Usually, galvanized steel ductworks are insulated from outside.

Advantages of Sheet Metal Duct Systems

There are many advantages of using sheet metal air duct systems in your home or business.

  • More Effective – Metal air duct systems have been in use for decades and been proven to be highly effective. If you are looking for a ductwork that is highly durable and long lasting, this is the perfect option for you. If you can provide proper maintenance and care to the system, it will not require repair for a long time.
  • Easy Installation – Despite their durability and limitations in terms of working around angles, the large number of components available make metal ductworks easier to install. The fittings are available in various sizes and types. This makes these systems highly efficient in different environments – in both residential and commercial buildings.

There are many other benefits of using sheet metal ducts. They don’t require frequent cleaning because they can remain cleaner for long. Besides, they don’t collect dirt and dust easily.

It is because of these advantages that metal air duct systems are the most widely used ductworks in homes. Flexible ducts and ductboards are other popular options. If your budget allows it, there is every reason why you should consider installing these metal works.

Fibreglass ducts on the other hand are not only difficult in terms of installation; there is also a chance that fibreglass will move into the ducts.

Author Bio:

The Author is a leading Home Insulation in Calgary market, having been in the business for over 30 years. He has provided floor and attic cat insulation services to thousands of homes in the metropolitan area. He recommended using air duct systems that ideally meet your requirements.

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