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Where You Can Find Your Router Default IP Address?

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The importance of IPs can’t be overlooked if we speak about home networking systems. The Ip is extremely important because it is necessary for right identification of all pieces of equipment attached to the computer network system. Each and every Internet protocol address is consisted of a sequence of numbers separated with dots. Those IP addresses appear in the forms of IPV4 and IPV6. A long time ago, only IPV4 IP addresses were used in order for the laptop or computer to distinguish itself.

Wireless router manufacturers normally use quite a few default IPs

Normally, router makers use some distinct IPs as Default Gateways By doing so, there’s a number of companies that are on the market to manufacture the wireless router to the users. As the way, some of the wireless router manufacturers are stated as below.

  • 2wire
  • Belkin
  • Cisco
  • D-Link
  • Linksys
  • Netgear
  • Thomson
  • Trendnet

The router manufacturers utilize the next IP addresses in the range between 192.168.o.1.1 to The fact is, they could also use some permutations of the IPs and so it is important to know about these things.

When consumers buy new wireless routers, some IPs are going to be set as default IP for their routers. Later on, you can also switch it as you wish. The default router IP is needed to modify the wireless router settings.

Where to find the router default IP?

Often, many of us do not know what the default IP of their router is. Nonetheless, if you have to customize the wireless router options, you need to know the default router IP first. Even so, it can also be very easy to find the router’s default IP in the most effective way.

If you’re working on a Windows pc, your router default IP address can be obtained by using the next few steps.

– Start up the Command prompt through the RUN dialog box.

– The next phase is to type the IPCONFIG command on the Command prompt.

– Among all the info displayed there there is the Default Ip address.

– So, you can easily gain access to these configuration settings via the computer system in the effective way.

Generally, the default Ip of the home network may use the or This is because that most of the router producers used this Ip as their default.

Aside from the laptop or computer, it’s also possible to get the default Ip of your home computer network through some other devices like the mobile phone, iPhone 5s, tablet computer and even more. Over the next paragraph we will see how to use these accessories to find the router default Ip address.

On the iPhone 6 and the apple iPad, you have to start the settings application. Then, you must touch the Wi-Fi option from the configuration settings. There, you have to tap the name of the network that you want to be familiar with its default Internet protocol address. Once there you will find all the details regarding the particular networking system. There you will be able to find out the default router IP.

Actually, most of the android mobiles have not supplied information regarding the default IP address of your home networking system. However, this can be solved successfully with the help of some 3rd party application. Once you install the application, it is possible to get the wireless router Ip address very fast.

In the same way as in Microsoft windows, the default router IP can be found in other computer operating systems as well.

In this manner, you can easily get the information about the default IP address of your home network system through the number of pieces of equipment. Actually, finding the wireless router IP is important if you want to sign in to your wireless router. So, you can go through the aforementioned steps to find the default IP of your home network. If you’d like more details, you can consult the user handbook or the company’s support site.

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