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Dhow Cruise: Why You Cannot Miss It!

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Dhows are the traditional vessels that are remodeled to meet the needs of modern-day travelers. These Arabian ships have become a sort of trademark of Dubai tourism. They are spearheading the city’s water transportation system in style ferrying and delighting passengers with their relentless services from morning till the night round the year. Every single traveler who has hopped a dhow has never got tired praising and narrating the cruising experience. When you are in Dubai, you simply cannot miss a dhow cruise for you will never experience leisure, comfort, and opulence all at one place and at one time.

The Journey

The tour operator or guide will arrive at your hotel to fetch you. The person’s arrival time is set according to the time required to reach the boarding point from the pickup spot. Depending on who is providing the dhow cruise, you will start for the boarding station in a limo or an air-conditioned car.  On the way, you can peep through the window at the buildings and apartments and enjoy a visual feast. The gorgeous vista of the city’s skyline is the best part of the journey.

Fabulous welcome & soothing ambiance

It’s a nice feeling to be welcomed by someone you have entrusted your trust for a journey. The dhow tour operators ensure that all guests feel welcomed and invited to experience their services and amenities. For them, every single customer whether, a millionaire or a commoner is the same. And to make you feel at home and create a friendly environment, they offer a red-carpet welcome to their guests along with non-alcoholic welcome drink along with cold towels, and Arabic Dates. What else one can demand or expect after receiving such a warm hospitality.

The ambiance of the dhow is no different than a five-star restaurant. The air-conditioned lower deck with wide windows ensure that you don’t miss the outside views.

Delicious food variety

There is no need to carry food along with you on a dhow cruise. Food is included in the cruising package. Tour companies offer a buffet with a variety of traditional as well as international delicacies. Everything from starter, to appetizers, and the main course are included in the buffet. The varieties in food will confuse you on what to try and what not. You can choose from Arab food and other cuisines that are popular around the world. You can gulp down anything and everything that delights your eyes and senses as the food is unlimited.


Cruising minus entertainment is a drab. To make the trip entertaining, the dhow cruise   arranges programs for the guests such as a magic show, comedy performance, belly dancing, and live musical performance. There is also a facility of henna painting on the board for ladies to make their hands beautiful. If you like to test your vocal skills, request the band and take over the mike to render a song.


You can relax in your seat and enjoy the charming glimpse of the city sipping your drinks. The cool breeze and the soft music playing in the background will keep you hooked. Watching the splendid skyline of Dubai from the water is a delight. The shimmering Creek, and the surrounding sceneries appear like a fantasy tale, especially in the evening when the lights inside the buildings are lit. As you glide forward, you will see the magnificent Burj Arab, Palm Jumeirah, and the Heritage Village across the Creek.

On-board safety

Enjoyment in a safe environment is the motto of the dhow tour operators. And to ensure there is no risk or threat of any kind to passengers’ lives, the dhows keep an adequate stock of medical equipment, and life jackets. Further, to combat fire, there are fire extinguishers, and to ensure the boat doesn’t stray off the course,  technical devices like compass and navigation equipments are used. Even the captain and the crew are trained and experienced to handle any untoward incidents efficiently.

If you want to experience food, drink, and entertainment on the water, you have to take a dhow cruise. Besides going for a normal cruising experience, you can also book it for a birthday, anniversary, or wedding celebration. The Tour Dubai dhow cruise has over two decades of experience of providing luxury dinner cruise, sightseeing, and lunch cruise. They operate in Dubai Creek, Dubai Marina, and Abu Dbhai. Whether you are in a small group or with a large one, you will receive quality services and collect memorable experiences.

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