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When Should Hip Replacement Surgery Be Considered?

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Hip replacement surgery or hip arthroplasty as it is known is said to involve eliminating the diseased portion of the joints in the hip and to have prosthetic inserted in its place for increasing mobility as well as to provide relief from pain. There are many people who are of the opinion that this procedure is likely to make them experience immense swelling, stiffness and pain within the hip region. It is surgical process that is generally availed, in case, other treatments does not work. Even though, the surgery might improve life quality for people in huge numbers, it is necessary for the potential candidate to discuss with the physician about their existing medical conditions. This is because, few diseases and conditions may not allow successful procedure.

When Should Hip Replacement Surgery Be Considered?

Stiffness, swelling and pain

People in general seek the expert medical advice of a physician with regards to hip replacement due to any discomfort, swelling or pain. For the majority, the warning signs tend to include pain at the time of walking, exercising, climbing stairs and even when taking rest. The daily routine of the person may be impaired severely by extreme pain. Such people are likely to find this surgical procedure to suit their immediate and long term needs, to enjoy active life once again. They can consult the best hip replacement surgeons in India.

When is the right time to avail this surgical procedure?

Failure of other treatments in providing the desired results is probably the right time for availing this surgical procedure. People eager to undergo this particular procedure are to understand that it is a major surgery. The least form of hip replacement invasive type may prove to be a life changing one. It will involve good amount of pain, recovery time and lots of discomfort. As a matter of fact, this surgery procedure is to be opted for only as the last resort. This fact is agreed upon by medical experts and the best doctor for hip replacement surgery in India.

The potential candidate according to the medical experts is to first identify the different non-surgical options available for them to get relief from pin. There are many alternatives like changes in activity level and diet, weight loss program, along with anti-inflammatory medication can work well. One can have aids like the walker or cane that can successfully take out the stress off that specific joint. But if the person experiences intense pain and less mobility, even after trying out those non-surgical options, then it is rather time, he should consult the hip replacement doctor.

Not for everyone

Before considering this form of surgery, it is important for people having any type of infection to seek appropriate alternate treatment. This way, they can avoid infections within the new joints. Also, he is to reconsider if there is present any existing history of lung or heart problems, blood clots or diabetes. Such medical conditions can cause complications or hinder recovery post surgery. Some lifestyle changes are also to be made prior to the surgery.

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