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WhatsApp : Voice Calling Is Now Available To Android Users

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WhatsApp is used by millions of people around the world, And it also means that you’ll be likely to jump for joy in reading the next few lines. WhatsApp has added a free voice calling feature to its Android app. After several weeks testing the service, Application developers have decided to deploy the calls from their users. At least WhatsApp users will need to update to version 2.12.5 Android or above.

This function was introduced in February in the mobile application of the firm, But only a handful of users could benefit far. Updates from other sources are valid under Android as a security risk. In this case, however, The source is WhatsApp itself, so the risk is likely to be limited. After the installation is on a tab WhatsApp for calls.

WhatsApp  Voice Calling Is Now Available To Android Users

For iOS smartphone option of WhatsApp is not yet implemented. VentureBeat website reported recently, but from the Facebook F8 conference, This will be implemented according to founder Brian Acton in a few weeks. At the Mobile World Congress in 2014 other founder, Jan Koum, yet announced, voice calls were initially designed for Android and iOS, Windows Phone and BlackBerry would follow later.

For the business acquired by Facebook for $ 19 billion. WhatsApp function is a way to do technically as Microsoft’s Skype unlock and Viper. So far, even asynchronous voice messaging were possible.

Be aware, however, to enjoy the calls, you must first install the latest version of the application on your phone. It is currently being deployed and it will take a few hours to get their hands on.

With a Touch of Videoconferencing as a Bonus!

The impatient among you may, however, If you want to get this feature on your Android mobile,  you need to do is download the latest version of WhatsApp from its website.

WhatsApp allows you to make audio calls, of course, but it also gives pride to the video Calls and offers approaches the blow much as Skype or even Hangouts.

The whole point of the thing is that the calls are available in WiFi, 3G or 4G.

WhatsApp is completely free for the first year of its use, The user must then pay 0.99 $/ year to continue using the service. And no, it’s not over priced and it is probably for this reason that the tool has attracted 500 million people worldwide.

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