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How Travellers Can Stay Healthy In Tropical Countries?

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Tropical countries are known for their warm and wet climate, which can potentially expose foreign travellers to a wide variety of viruses, bacteria and other microorganisms. If we are planning to visit tropical countries, should take certain precautions, particularly in terms of food. There are many things we should do to stay safe and healthy. As an example, travellers should avoid buying and eating street food. Many tropical countries are popular for their street food. It is also easy to find different kinds of snack items in these areas. They could look tempting, tasty and colourful. If we want to try them, we should make sure that th premises are hygienic and clean. But if we can’t guarantee the hygiene and quality, it is better to avoid them. There is a good chance that the food is contaminated with nasty organisms. It is also a good idea to avoid consuming spicy food. Some tropical countries are known for their spices and local add spices to make their food both tasty and spicy. Foreign travellers may not be able to handle the larger amount of spices in their meals.

How Travellers Can Stay Healthy In Tropical Countries

If there are no other options and we need to order foods these restaurants, we should ask for meals with less spices. It is also important to avoid eating fruits and raw vegetables on the street. Many food stalls and restaurants use tap water and thy unsuitable for washing foods. It is possible that the water is already contaminated as it travels through the pipelines. We also can’t be sure whether the knives are properly sterilized. Unless we are cutting the fruits ourselves with our own knives, it is better to avoid these foods. So, what should we eat? It is preferable to choose food with fresh ingredients that’s still steaming hot. We shouldn’t choose cold meals and it is a good idea to choose restaurants that serve hot meals. If our food is hot and fresh, it may not contain any kind of food-borne pathogens. It is also important to avoid buffets. In many restaurants, unsold food could be served as buffets afterwards. For this reason, we shouldn’t take the risk and it is important to stick to what’s commonly recommended by travellers, especially if the restaurants are known for their hygiene.

Many sellers in tropical countries offer cold dairy products, such as ice cream and tea with milk. Obviously, cold dairy products are susceptible to contamination and it is a good idea to avoid them. If there are not hygienic options, we may need to choose international food chains like Domino’s Pizza, Subway, McDonald’s and KFC. They are usually available in many tropical countries. It is also important to be particularly careful when buying unpacked beverages, because they can be badly contaminated. Ice cubes should also be avoided and if we need cold beverages, we should choose unpacked ones from the cooler in convenience stores.

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