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What’s Glasgow Like For Students

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Glasgow is Scotland’s largest city and home to not one but several universities, there is the University of Glasgow, the University of Strathclyde which has the only business school in the whole of Scotland, Glasgow Caledonian which the Securities and Investment Institute named a Centre of Excellence and at least four other further or higher education establishments.

University of Glasgow

Founded in 1451, Glasgow university is the fourth oldest higher education establishment in the English speaking world. The annual research income of Glasgow university is over £177m, Glasgow university is one of the UK’s top 10 earners when it comes to research.

Off Campus

Scottish people are said to be the most friendly in Britain and it is widely claimed that the city of Glasgow has a ‘vibe’. I have seen Glasgow described as a smaller, friendlier version of London. The city has plenty of outdoor spaces with 70 parks, two national parks are within a short drive of the city.


Socialising is rumoured to be a students favourite hobby, if you are a student who fits this stereotype you will be extremely happy in Glasgow. The city has 700 bars and more than 130 music events every week. University of Glasgow is located in the city’s west end, right in hub of the action. Many of the city’s most fashionable bars are located in the west end. See this forum post to learn more about the city’s nightlife and music scene.

Young Population

Glasgow based lettings agency, Central Lettings Services say, “35% of Glasgow residents are aged 20 to 39 and single person households represent two-thirds of the city’s population”. Glasgow has over 100,000 students, 11% of the city’s population. Glasgow has the highest student population of any university with more than 500,000 residents.

Employment Opportunities

Many Blue chip companies and large organisations are attracted to Glasgow because of its student population and the highly educated local talent that this city offers. J.P. Morgan, Morgan Stanley, Barclays, Three, Capita, IBM and Hewlett Packard are just some of the many organisations who offer employment opportunities within this city.

Cost of Living

The cost of living in Glasgow is pretty low when compared to other major U.K cities. I heard lager is popular with students and am sure many will be pleased to know that the average cost of this popular beverage is just £3 a pint in Glasgow, in the South of England a pint is usually £5 or more. The University of Glasgow recommends that a single student budgets £12,100 for yearly living expenses, £400 for books and £300 for travel.

A single student can live more cost effectively in student halls or by co-inhabiting with other students. Should a student wish to live on their own they will find a 1 bedroom flat in the city’s west end, near the university campus and most popular bars to cost around £600 PCM. Cheaper rental properties can be found in the East and South of the city but students who choose to live further away from the campus will incur higher transport costs, transportation is always a factor when looking for a potential home.

This post was written and supplied on behlf of CLS, specialist Glasgow lettings agent. Follow CLS on Twitter to find a rental property in Glasgow.

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