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What To Look For In Home Automation In 2016?

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The home automation trends have grown out to be immensely popular around a globe in recent years and the trend does not seem to seize in the year 2016. While many automation systems are pricey, some of the systems have become vital for the security and safety of the residents.

What To Look For In Home Automation In 2016?

Following are some popular trends to watch out when shopping around for home automation systems

Climate Control

Whether it’s summer or winter season, extreme weather conditions demand some action be done for making the climate indoors convenient to survive. There are manufacturers who offer home automation solutions for exercising control over the indoor climate by allowing people change the climate in various rooms. Sensors and climate control systems work together to automatically maintain the temperature to a comfortable level for creating a soothing ambience for the inmates.

Resource Control

People always want their utility bills to be economical as high bills create a burden on the monthly budget. There are systems that help people save water, gas, and electricity and save huge amounts on their monthly utility bills. There are sensors that detect water overflow, check if lights are turned on in an empty room, and detect operations of devices to turn them off for saving electricity and water. Systems either automatically turn off appliances or notify people about times when energy could be saved during the day.

Safety Appliances

As threats to security have increased because of an accelerated rate in the number of hackers around the world, big names in the security and safety industry have launched intelligent devices that are hard to hack and help people exercise tight security controls at their place. Digital bells, electronic door locks, smart intercoms, intelligent sensors, smart security cameras, burglar alarms, and a number of systems have been introduced in the market that masses have truly adored. Learn what ADT pulse is here and make your living places more safe and sound.


There are couples of appliances launched in entertainment sector to help people make parties and gathering more fulfilling and rewarding. Automatic mood lighting systems and smart sound and music devices are some of the popular choices that can be operated with the help of smartphone app. There are also systems that help people create a theatrical environment by turning on surround systems and movie projectors that can be operated via one single device. These are great for indoor parties and events.

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