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What to Look For In A Kitchen For Your Future Home

2 Mins read

When you start the search for your future home, you have a lot on your mind. From the number of bedrooms to how big the garage is, it’s easy to get overwhelmed in the process. When it comes to the kitchen of your future home, here are some key features that you should look for.

What to Look For In A Kitchen For Your Future Home

Proper Lighting

One room in homes that has always lacked adequate lighting is the kitchen. When you work at the counter, you tend to shadow the overhead light. Many of us just get used to working in a dimly lit kitchen. You shouldn’t settle for that. Your future kitchen should have adequate lighting to ensure you can see what you’re doing. Under-cabinet lighting, recessed lighting over the counters, and even in-cabinet lighting are all great lighting options to have.

Pot Filler

One very convenient feature that you should look for in your next kitchen is the pot filler. This is simply a faucet that sits at the back of the stove. You can use it to fill your pots with fresh water without having to move your pot to the sink. When talking with your real estate agent about your future home, let them know that a pot filler is a feature that you’re looking for. Your agent will be able to help you find a home that has one, or has a space to add a pot filler. They can also help you find any other specific needs or accommodations you have.

Island Space

The island is not a new kitchen feature. However, it wasn’t one that was overly popular for many years. However, it should be because an island is super convenient. This allows you a quick space to eat, talk over a couple of drinks, or simply just to have more room to prep your food. If you like to cook frequently, you may want to opt for an island with a built-in stove and range hood.


One feature that we can all use from time to time is double-ovens. These are perfect for those times where you’re cooking for a group of people. As soon as you have this feature in your new kitchen, you’ll find yourself cooking more dishes. Many of us don’t realize that we limit what we cook because we’ve been taught that we only have limited space in the oven. Now, you’ll be able to cook multiple items at different temperatures with ease.

Determining what you want in your future home can be overwhelming, to say the least. By taking the tips above into consideration, you should be well on your way to getting the kitchen of your dreams. Just be sure to write down the features that you want so that you don’t forget them when at showings or talking to your builder.

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