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Is Your Home Becoming Cluttered and Overcrowded? Here’s How You Can Get Organized

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If there’s one thing that can be unpleasant to look at, it’s a cluttered home. While you may have gotten used to the mess, an overcrowded and cluttered house can be absolutely embarrassing when you have guests over. If you don’t want to end up on an episode of Hoarders, you thankfully have some options for removing that clutter and getting better organized.

Is Your Home Becoming Cluttered and Overcrowded? Here's How You Can Get Organized

Organize Your Possessions Into Categories

Parting with things in a cluttered home is harder than you may first assume. Overall, you should try to make the process more systematic and logical. Make lists and divide your possessions into three distinct categories. The first category will be for items that you will dispose of. The second category will be for items you will keep in your home all year long. The third will consist of items that are seasonal in nature and should only be in your home during part of the year.

Rent a Storage Unit

In regards to the items on your third list, you probably don’t want to get rid of them. Skis and a canoe, for example, may not be useful for most of the year. However, they provide you with plenty of fun during certain seasons. They can also be big financial investments you won’t get back easily. Instead, rent a storage unit from a local company so these items are out of sight and out of mind when you don’t need them. Make sure to read more on those storage companies’ websites to fully understand their policies and billing systems.

Consider Disposal Alternatives

Your first list will include items you will dispose of. These are non-valuable items and non-heirlooms that are broken, outdated or have no continued use for you. For example, if you already bought a new vacuum-cleaner, keeping around your old vacuum-cleaner from ten years ago is pointless. Consider alternatives to simply throwing these items in the trash to get some money back from them and to lessen your impact on the environment. Having a garage sale or donating certain items to a local GoodWill are excellent choices.

Create Empty Space in Your Home

In regards to aesthetics, a “busy” look is rarely attractive. This is nowhere more true than in a home. Overall, one of your goals should be to try to open up space in your home by removing unnecessary items. This empty space will actually enhance the visual appeal and atmosphere of your rooms. While some furniture and decor are needed to keep a room looking homey, you can certainly remove a lot and still achieve an attractive look.

There is nothing worse looking than a cluttered and overcrowded room. If you want to improve the look of such a home, you’re going to need to free up space. Dividing your possessions into different categories, renting storage space and disposing of items you don’t need can help you achieve a more desirable atmosphere in your home.

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