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What to Do If You Were Scammed By A Telemarketer

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Telemarketing scams seem to grow tremendously on a regular basis. These scammers are also becoming more and more clever, which makes it easy to fall for one. In the event that you were scammed, you need to know the steps to take to work toward reestablishing your finances and preventing the issue from happening again.

What to Do If You Were Scammed By A Telemarketer

Contact Your Bank or Credit Card Company

If you were scammed by a telemarketer, you likely paid money to the scammer. What you must do is contact your bank or your credit card company, depending upon which method you used to pay. Explain the situation to find out what the protocols are for getting the money back. For example, in the event of a scam, you likely did not receive the service or product you thought you were paying for. This situation may be enough to get the charge removed from your card.

Report the Issue

In addition to letting your bank or credit card company know what happened, you also need to report the issue to a larger entity. For example, you can call the Federal Trade Commission. By taking this step, you can help to protect other people from being scammed. Consider where you might have the ability to report the issue online as well. People often post to websites to let other individuals know about phone numbers that are scams.

Get Professional Assistance

In the event that you are unable to get your money back from the scammer or through your financial entity, you may need to hire professional assistance. Speaking with a representative from a law office like Heidarpour Law Firm can help you to determine which path to embark upon. You may need a lawyer to intervene on your behalf to get back the money that you lost to the scammer.

Protect Yourself Moving Forward

Now that you have been scammed once, you want to ensure that the situation never happens again. Keep in mind that a professional entity is typically unlikely to call and ask for personal information over the phone. Another smart idea here is to research the latest scams so that you know what’s going on in the world of scamming. Furthermore, before answering an unknown number on your phone, put the number into a search engine to see what other people are saying about those calls.

Getting scammed is an upsetting experience, and you might even feel guilty. Understand that you are the victim in this situation. Help is available for you.

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