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What To Do? If You Are Low Post-paid and Prepaid User!

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Using mobile phone and paying the bill seems to be a very easy and simplistic procedure. But trust that it takes a lot more to manage your calls and balance left in your phone to make calls. Below mentioned are some points that you can keep in mind and easily manage things whenever it is about you call rates, length of your calls, amount left in the balance of your phone, etc.

Another option for low users is to go on a plan — with or without phone. Calls rates are nearly double that of standard plans, but such plans have the convenience of making unrestricted calls. Like pay-as-you-go contracts, these plans are month– to– month — meaning you can cancel them any time as long as you haven’t obtained a free phone.

As mentioned earlier, the biggest problem with prepaid is you have to look after your credit. That process can be a big inconvenience for users in this group. However, you can minimize this difficulty by selecting certain prepaid plans that offer relatively easier maintenance.

What To Do? If You Are Low Post-paid and Prepaid User!

Most prepaid bundles come with a phone and some credit to start with. You don’t always have to buy the phone. If you already have a phone, you can buy a prepaid starter pack — which is just the SIM card with some credit. For prepaid you should go strictly with a major carrier — such as Optus, Vodafone, Telstra, and Virgin Mobile. The reason is you can find recharge facilities of major carriers almost everywhere, including petrol stations, corner stores, and shopping centres.

Because you are a low user, you should select a prepaid plan that gives you the most time to use your credit. You would also want to recharge with the smallest amount. In other words, you should choose a prepaid plan that gives the maximum expiry date for credit with the minimum recharge amount.

When you are using prepaid, you should have the following numbers handy:

  • Number to call customer service.
  • Number to recharge (always included with the recharge instructions).
  • Number to check your balance.

If it is convenient, keep an additional prepaid card in case you run out of credit too soon. You should also opt for a GSM phone because of its inherent advantages — unless you have only CDMA coverage where you live.

Implementing these tips, you can actually save yourself from running out of money soon. In fact, you will be able to manage you amount left and calls at the same time.

For better understanding, just give a call at BT contact number and the adept professionals will guide you in the friendliest manner as in to how you can manage your phone calls and money being a low user. Connecting with the people you will definitely experience good customer service that will be a combination of suggestion, consultation and solution of your issues raised.

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