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What Sets Google Adwords Apart?

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Google Adwords is one of the most famous pay per click advertising tools available today. The rationale for Google, and pay per click in general, is simple. When people search for items online, they use certain words, or keywords. Google Adwords customer select and bid for these keywords with the greatest customer use potential. If the keywords that have been chosen match what the customer types in the search box, then the paid advert appears alongside the natural organic results. One only pays when customers click on these ads, being directed to homepages or landing pages to buy or learn more about the goods and serviceson offer. Paid advertising is perhaps the most direct and effective way of marketing one’s business, even locally. Google Adwords offers several advantages though. Here is a list of some that the average online marketing company might find useful.

What Sets Google Adwords Apart


The biggest problem with the old model of advertising and marketing was the fact that being outbound, a lot of dollars were wasted, without marketing executives even realizing just where their dollars were not working for them. Google Adwords offers the gift of measurability. Every single aspect of the campaign can be tracked, all the way down to the number of clicks, impressions, conversions, click through rates, the cost per click, conversion rats and the costs per acquisition. With such tools available, it gets easy to measure the return on investment and improve the campaign for maximum effect.


Google’s primary job is to provide answers, fast and effective answers. Every time one types a search query, an auction happens, determining which ad will be placed when the relevant results are displayed. But cost is not necessarily the single determining factor when it comes to ads. Google takes into account such factors as the website and the page to which one is directing the paid traffic to. If one’s landing page or website is more relevant to the search query than that of competitors, then the ad will be ranked higher. The advantage here is that Google Adwords does not necessarily reward expenditure, but relevance. Any quality campaign has a chance of making it through pay per click on Google.


Traditionally, on pay per click one only pays when a visitor clicks on their ads. That in itself makes it relatively cost effective. However, Google Adwords has the added ability of allowing users to place a cap on what they would like to spend. There are minimum and maximum caps, and the options are limitless. Also, when working with a reputable Utah SEO Company, one’s cost per click can even reduce gradually over time. This allows the customer to improve visibility without having to increase costs.


Relevance also means providing results to the people who need it the most. Google Adwords allows for targeting and fine tuning campaigns to include;

  • Visitors on mobile devices
  • Users from specific locations
  • Language targeting
  • Time targeting

About The Author: Stephanie Clarke runs a popular Utah SEO company and blog. She has been in the business for several years, assisting businesses and mentoring upcoming SEO experts.

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