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What Is To Be Expected From Total Hip Replacement Surgery?

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According to medical experts, hip replacement surgery has been termed to be a popular, major surgical procedure. This treatment is availed by patients, especially those who tend to face health issues related to their hips and seek remedy.

What is to be done?

The total hip replacement implant cost in India is quite less and the experienced and well trained surgeon will explain the procedure to the patient. They will also provide valuable information to the patient regarding what is to be done and avoided both before and after the procedure.

On the surgery day, the patient is required to remove his/her worn clothes and use the hospital gown. Then general anesthesia is administered or spinal block to ensure no discomfort of pain is experienced by the patient at the time of surgery.

What Is To Be Expected From Total Hip Replacement Surgery?

The surgeon, then goes ahead to create an incision right over the hip side or front. Then the diseased or damaged cartilage or bone is removed, thus leaving intact the healthy bone. Next, the prosthetic socket is implanted within the pelvic bone, while the femur’s round top is replaced using prosthetic ball. It is attached property to a stem to fit perfectly into the thigh bone.

Once the surgical procedure is completed, the patient is then taken to recovery room for getting monitored for complications if any or blood clots.

Taking care of blood clots

Blood clotting may take place on the patient’s legs. It is through pressure application, blood thinning medication and early mobilization that development of blood clots in the leg is discouraged. Then the patient and his/her family are provided useful information on how proper care is to be given to the implanted joint. The physical therapist will show some exercises which is to be followed and performed by the patient to enjoy better hip flexibility. The patient once returned to normal health condition is discharged from the hospital setting.

Once back home, the patient needs to make sure not putting any kind of pressure upon the joint. Things are to be kept only at the waist level. This way, he/she can avoid bending down again and again, thus only aggravating problems. Some modifications can be made in the house like raised toilet seat to reduce all types of complications and to recover quickly.

At the same time, it will be useful to follow the suggestions offered by the surgeon and not to miss out the follow-up sessions. During the sessions, the physician will monitor the progress made by the patient and also identify complications, if any arises during the recovery period.

The patient is likely to be at bed rest for about few weeks before resuming normal duties. However, the recovery period is likely to differ from one patient to the other. It is necessary to visit the physician immediately if any unusual or sudden pain, discomfort or bleeding is experienced at any point of time.

The truth is cost of total hip replacement in India is becoming less allowing every patient to get respite from their hip related issues.

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