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Affordable And Safe Spine Surgical Procedure

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The laser spine surgery often is referred to as minimally invasive procedure. In this type of procedure, laser is used for carrying out the spine surgery. With this process, loss of blood is considered to be the least, while surgical incisions prepared are found to be quite small.

In laser spine surgery, possible pain and recovery period is not much. Laser spine surgery is used extensively for curing disorders of different types like foraminal stenosis, sciatica, nerve entrapment syndromes, arthritis, radiculopathy and failed back syndrome.

Affordable And Safe Spine Surgical Procedure

Availing spine surgery

Spine tumor surgery cost in India is quite low. Hence, patients from all over the world have been coming here to get respite and proper treatment. Generally, laser spine surgery can be completed using gentle sedation or local anesthesia. Few methods are used during the surgical process, which includes microscopic, arthroscopic and endoscopic. The process involves insertion of thin needle within the herniated disc region under x-ray guidance. Using a needle, an optical fiber is inserted and laser energy gets derived from fiber, thus vaporizing small portion of disc nucleus. It results in partial vacuum that pulls away the herniation from nerve root. Thus, the patient suffering from intense pain is able to get instant relief after the procedure. Just after small adhesive bandage, the patient will be able to walk on their own in flat 24 hours! It is for this reason, the procedure is fast becoming popular among patients eager to get respite from pain and to lead a normal life.

Choices offered by the reputed spine surgeon

If the desire is to get Spine Tumor Removal Surgery in India, then there are numerous options offered by the reputed and talented spine surgeons here, which are given below:

  • Foraminotomy: It is considered as a laser spine surgical process that is availed for getting quick relief from specific spinal conditions. The procedure also uses an arthroscopic loom for opening the foramen and does not require using of common anesthesia.
  • Endoscopic Discectomy: In case the bulging disc material or the herniated disc presses on the nerve root or on spinal cord directly, then laser spine surgery procedure can be used for removing part of that disc which results in extreme pain.
  • Laminotomy: This procedure uses arthroscopic techniques for opening up spinal canal. This is to help perform laser spine surgery. There is no need to use general anesthesia throughout the procedure. Rather, laser spine surgical process can be carried out within the outpatient surgical condition.

Some benefits derived from laser spine surgical procedure

  • No scarring or cutting
  • Less invasive
  • General anesthesia not required
  • Staying in hospital facility not necessary
  • Recovery period is very quick within 24 hours. After the procedure, the patient can go back home without any difficulty.
  • This procedure costs around 1/3rdto half of conventional surgery

Discussing with the qualified and experienced spine physician or surgeon can help the person to get knowledge on how spinal issues can be taken care of and pain alleviated the right way.

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