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What Is The Importance Of A Tornado Safe Room

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Do you have a safe place to take shelter in, when a hurricane or tornado strikes? Can you reach there within seconds? In cases of such emergencies, the security and safety of your family is extremely important and for that you need a place to withstand the storm. Cellars and basements are the things of the past, today a safe room is that can provide you with the life saving protection.

A tornado strikes without warning with the winds of an incredible 300 mph or more. So, it can’t be stressed enough how important tornado safe rooms are. When tornado comes, the safest place to be is underground.

What Is The Importance Of A Tornado Safe Room

Certified Safe Rooms

If your tornado is a certified one, then it will be able to hold up to the winds even higher than the wind that are measured highest. It is so because, according to the FEMA guidelines, you and your family should have a high standard of complete protection in a safe room. Also, the safe room needs to be properly anchored so that it doesn’t get blown away or damaged by a powerful tornado.

Suitable Location

Location is of utmost importance as at the time of emergency it should be easily accessible to you. A convenient location ensures that you reach on time at the safe place. If it is located right outside your home or in your garage, it means you can get to the tornado shelter before the storm hits. If you can’t access it fast enough, it’s of no use to you or to your family. That’s why a tornado safe room is always constructed at your home.

Prior Preparation

It is recommended to always prepare in advance when a storm is approaching that is posing serious threat to you. So, for this prior preparation, you have to make sure that water, food and flashlights are all in place. You don’t want to make a grab at them at the last minute when running to the safe room. In addition to this, everything that you may need or that could get damaged should be placed in the safe room.

Essential Features of a Safe Room

The most important thing is that it needs to be certified by FEMA so that it doesn’t get withered away, rather stays anchored and withstand even the highest measured winds. It needs to be easily accessible to all the family members.

The doors of your safe room plays an important role. There should be three latches on the door that can be easily operated by all the family members. They need to be constructed to prevent people from getting locked inside or out of the room.

Have communication equipments in the safe room so that you can contact the law enforcement authorities or someone else for help, if the need arises. Security cameras and alarm system would also be a great addition to your safe room.

So, make sure you do not take any chances with you and your family’s safety. Avoid these damaging storms and tornadoes by building a safe room at your home!

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