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Top Trends In Kitchen Design For 2017

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The kitchen is the hub of the home. Over time, things have changed, and kitchen now functions as the heart of the house and space. Kitchens have changed a lot over the decades. So what’s next in the world of kitchens? follow these trends to design more beautiful.

Top Trends In Kitchen Design For 2017

Quartz Glossy Surfaces

Quartz furniture requires less maintenance than its granite counterpart and offers a special, time-resistant beauty. The number of people who want to move from laminate to quartz has been steadily grown in 2016. This tendency seems to persist, as the quality and value of materials are becoming important. Quartz is preferred as a surface for luxury kitchens. Focus on modern and brilliant notes, from clean-cut bodies to door handles. Perfectly adaptable to open and bright spaces.

Open and Airy Spaces

 Kitchens as a separate space inside the house. The kitchens have become a wide range of relaxation and socialization, the place where you can invite your friends or you can spend quality time with your closest friends. Interior design as open spaces is a new trend that seems to stay with us for a significant amount of time. This design trend supports a casual but connected lifestyle and is perfectly suited to today’s lifestyle. Thus, the entire dwelling is changing and the house gets new contours.

Cooking with Induction

Fast, safe and aesthetically pleasing – there are many reasons to enjoy cooking with the induction. Because induction burners use less heat, cramped kitchens remain cool during cooking, and the surfaces remain safe to the touch.

In addition, these hobs eliminate the need for large spaces for the cooker or hood, opening the door to creative design possibilities. From an aesthetic point of view, the cooking plates merge perfectly with any kitchen counter, giving the same lush note as the precious materials in the rest of the kitchen, either countertops and natural stone doors, quartz or solid wood.

The Island of the Kitchen

kitchen islands can turn any room into a spacious and useful space with a wonderful interior design. No matter what you choose from a classic, vintage or romantic style kitchen, the modern elements of a kitchen island will bring a special charm. In addition, the kitchen islands are extremely practical, used both as a cooking space and as a social space. The decorative feature of the kitchen is often the last detail planned in the design of your favorite kitchen. The mix of materials and colors is an important choice that takes the most time in choosing the design of the kitchen.

Classic Line proposes a range of perfect and adaptable kitchens to any interior space, whether you want bodies that blend perfectly with the island wall or bodies to create a relaxing space for the whole family. The classic Line kitchen range will help you make the kitchen space a beautiful reflection of your personal style.

LED Lighting

LED lighting is somewhat a trend at the beginning of the road. With the help of changing technologies, lighting for LED kitchens has lost its frozen and unfriendly appearance, which scares those who would have wanted such a modernization.

“Illumination of kitchens using LED technology seems, anyway, a more and more common method in the near future. This type of illumination gives the space for the kitchen a more intimate and strategically placed lighting. They can be mounted above the kitchen islands, even in the counter or cabinets, altering angles and creating visual illusions, “explains Monica Virdol, Architect of SiPro Kitchens.

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