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What Is Quartzite?

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Quartzite is formed when sandstone and quartz are found together in extremely high temperatures and pressure. When such conditions are present the quartz particles are absorbed by the empty grains of sandstone and form a new material which is stronger than quartz. Quartzite is an exceptionally durable and strong material; it is known to be the third strongest stone on Earth and is usually resistant to etching or staining.

Where to Use This Durable Material?

As it is found in many colors and shades, Quartzite worktops look attractive in kitchens. They are the preferred choice for many architects, interior designers and property developers who wish to have a strong and durable kitchen worktop that is relatively immune to etching caused by acids present in many household goods.

What Is Quartzite?

Many today recognize the superiority of white quartzite over marble due to its lower need for upkeep and higher durability. Although generally quartzite is more expensive than marble it is also sturdier and the two types of stones also closely resemble one another. In particular white quartzite often appears very similar to white marble and it is also stronger than granite. A top supplier of quartzite products in London is MKW Surfaces.

How to Best Protect Quartzite from Staining

Quartzite should be sealed to prevent it from stains and from etching. The process of sealing should be carried out by installers and be reapplied once every year henceforth. Some quartzite has a high absorption rate and do stain when exposed to highly-pigmented liquids or oil. Like all sandstones, quartzite has a medium to high absorption rating and will stain when exposed to certain household products. You need to worry less about your friends leaving a glass of wine on your quartzite worktops as it may be less likely to leave a stain if wiped away, especially if done so quickly. However, those who have quartzite worktops in their homes relate that items such as mustard tend to leave stains far more easily.

As white quartzite and marble are similar in appearance it may be less expensive in the long term to use the former on your kitchen worktop as the upkeep and maintenance expenses for your quartzite worktop shall likely be far lower. All experts in the tile and stone business insist upon the use of a high-quality sealer. In addition to buying a high-quality sealer, buyers must also be cognizant of the guarantees which sealers provide. Many of those who sell sealers for your quartzite worktop may only guarantee a few extra gallons of sealer rather than guaranteeing that your worktop will be refinished or replaced if damaged.


As there is more than one type of quartzite worktop the question of whether it stains varies between users with different lifestyles and the quality and color of the quartzite. A good way to test whether a certain kind of quartzite is right for you if you are concerned about stains is to pick a small slab of quartzite that is 12”X12”and drop household products commonly used in your home on it. Some people with quartzite worktops in their homes find that it is relatively unaffected by stains from most products if the spilled product is cleaned quickly. Products such as mustard may leave stains; it is generally acknowledged that even the most durable quartzite worktop should be sealed by experts. Sealing the worktop with a high-quality sealant shall prolong its life and make any room with the worktop continue to look attractive.

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