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What are the reasons for water contamination?

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There is a saying that a person can remain for days without food but cannot say without drinking water or breathing air.  Our human body is made out of 60% of water. That is the importance of water and air in our lives.  Scientifically seen, three-fourths of the earth is covered with water but still we the people staying on land face drinking water problems.  The sea water that is available in plenty is not recommended for drinking purposes.  The drinking water has to be pure from all sorts of contaminations.  Only then we can remain healthy.

Reasons for water contamination

Normally, we depend on groundwater or well water as water sources for our drinking water needs.  It is very obvious that our groundwater gets more contaminated or polluted due to excessive usage of gasoline, road salts, oils, and chemicals.  These get mixed with the groundwater and make it unfit and unhealthy for the human being.  You may have a query regarding how these factors will pollute the water?  You need not put them directly to pollute water.  Knowingly or unknowingly the factors mentioned above are used on land.  Through soil, these enter into the groundwater or well water.

  • Usage of storage tanks: Normally, storage tanks are used for storage of water in households.  Even if the water is stored for many days or months, the water gets contaminated and you find some insects growing in the water.

In industries or manufacturing units, you find a lot of storage tanks which may contain gasoline, chemicals, or other types of oils or liquids.  For regular usage, the manufacturing units or industries plan to store them either under the ground level or above the ground level.  In case there is a leakage in this storage tank then it is absorbed by the soil and through the soil, the contamination reaches the water supplies.

  • Septic systems: Sometimes if the builder is a good person, he will see that the designing of the layout is perfect.  It includes placement of septic systems also. Normally the septic systems are constructed to drain away the human waste and these septic systems are constructed underground with a thought that it won’t trouble anyone.  In case the septic tank is not cleaned properly and the waste blocks the sewage water flowing then it starts coming out of the drainage pit polluting the whole surrounding.  It starts stinking and there is 100% chance of groundwater getting contaminated if proper action is not taken in this regard.

If there is dumping of solid wastes or littering by a human being in rivers, lakes, and oceans, this becomes a major water pollution reason.

  • Burning of garbage: It is a practice of cleaning people to collect all garbage and take it to an isolated place far away from the residential area and burn it there.  In case the garbage is not burned properly or left unattended, this again may disturb the ground level water.
  • Hazardous industrial waste dumped by the factories into water: Some manufacturing companies dump the waste into sewage water.  This not only pollutes the water but also blocks the sewage water from flowing freely.
  • Atmospheric contaminations: When the wood is burnt, it causes air pollution leading to the formation of acidic particles in the atmosphere.  Due to this reason, we may get acid rain due to contact of acidic particles with vapor. This may lead to even water getting contaminated.
  • Chemicals or road salts: In some countries, there are heavy snowfalls and the ice blocks the movement of roads.  To remove this obstacle, road salts are used to melt down the ice.  This does it jobs but after that, it gets mixed with groundwater.  The same happens with chemicals.  The pesticides or fertilizers we use to grow our crop productivity will give good results but in turn does not prove to be a good option for the water sources.

Dangers of water contamination

The word contamination or pollution itself indicates what sort of ill effects it does on our health.  A person may suffer from diseases like hepatitis or dysentery if the septic tank waste is not cleared properly and this gets mixed with the groundwater or well water.  Various toxins may act as a poison when it gets into contact with water supplies.  Some people may even get various kinds of cancer due to this polluted water. Chances of getting skin allergies are also quite common.

The solution to removing water contamination

Water filtration: This refers to the method of filtering the water before consuming it for drinking or domestic usage.  There are some water filtration methods such as cloth filters, biosand filters etc.  By filtering water, we can stop eliminate the dust particles from consuming.

Chlorination of water:  Particles which are visible can be removed.  But what happens when there are unseen particles dissolved in water. This problem can be rectified by water chlorination through the process of electro chlorination.  In this process, the bleach is diluted and mixed in the water to disinfect it and making it safe to drink.  Anything done excess is always dangerous.  So, have a check that chlorine is not used in much quantity. However excess chlorine can be removed from water by dissolving potassium metabisulphite into it.

However, technology has improved a lot. Nowadays we get new water filters which work on a concept like Reverse Osmosis treatment and we can remove iron from water through this.  Sometimes we face the problem of a stinking smell of rotten eggs or sort of a thing in the water.  It is because of the flow of water in pipes. Even this can be treated by reverse osmosis treatment.

If the problem of water contamination persists even after taking some small precautions, you need to approach a water treatment company which will provide your immediate service to you and your colony where you reside. Visit to get a solution for your water problems. A water treatment company in especially in an industrial area will always try to solve the water as well as air pollution through its services.

To know about the available plumbers in your area, you can contact our customer care executives!

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