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What Are The Factors That One Should Consider While Shopping for A Chandelier ?

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One of the most enjoyable activities that are included in the process of home decoration is chandelier shopping. If you have made up your mind to move into a new apartment/villa/mansion or you just want to redecorate your beloved home, then settling for a crystal chandelier will be one of the excellent decisions you would ever make.

However, not all of us are well stocked with the ideas for choosing the perfect chandelier/s to match with the color scheme of our place. For the very same reason, we will guide you to point out the perfect one.

What Are The Factors That One Should Consider While Shopping for A Chandelier ?

Choose the Appropriate Dimensions

If the ceiling of your home is not very high or the room is not of a very big size, then opting for the biggest and the most appealing chandelier could be a bad idea. The crystal chandeliers are huge and they occupy a considerable amount of space in your home. Hence, choosing the correct height is the top priority.

Moreover, they are not just for the living rooms, they are for numerous other places and are to be chosen accordingly. For example, if you want to purchase a chandelier for your dining room, it is advised to measure the distance between the table and the ceiling.

Function vs Design

The first step towards purchasing the best of the best is clearing your head that chandeliers are just for the purpose of shedding light in rooms. You must remember that the chandeliers ( a majority of them) are for the purpose of decoration. When it comes to proper lightening of the room, it can be well supplemented by the other sources.

Classic is your Way To Go

The more elegant the design is, the more classy look it will provide for your home or workplace. However, it depends on the color scheme of your home. Also, you can opt for the ones which come with mini shades. If the chandelier is a candle type lighting fixture, then you might have to add pocket-size shades to it.

The best designs, as they always are, are of the classic type. They make your homes look more elegant compared to all the other types of crystal chandeliers.

Mix And Match to gel up with the Metals

When you are surrounded by a variety of options, then opting for the one which goes in sync with the design of your home is integral part of your shopping spree. Especially, with the metals and the furniture. For example, Dull pewter doesn’t go well with the lustrous silver and the antique brass.

Cleaning Methodology

Chandeliers, especially the humongous ones are dust magnets. Cleaning them is not an easy task and it cannot be done in one piece. Hence, it is advised that you clean it from time to time. It is advised that if the cleaning is to be done by you and not a professional, then you should opt for less complex designs to clean them with a blink of an eye.

Consider a Wide Range of Options

Take your own time when it comes to deciding the perfect chandelier for your home. Apart from the material of the chandelier, you need to decide the bulbs which would suit the best according to the space of your home or workplace. Always opt for the ones which do not require frequent replacements.

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