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Ways To Use Chocolates In Your Skincare and Hair Care Routine

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Do you love eating chocolates? Do you have tons of chocolates at home? Well, if yes, then here is something you will like. Besides being incredible for the health, chocolates are great for the skin and hair too. You can make tons of hair masks and face packs including chocolates. If you do not have enough chocolate at home, then you can order chocolates by post easily. Here are some ways to use this delicious food in your skincare and haircare routine…

Ways To Use Chocolates In Your Skincare and Hair Care Routine

  1. Chocolate and fruit mask – Yes, chocolate and fruit mask is great if you want to even out your skin tone. You can include fruits like watermelon, oranges, and strawberries along with chocolate to make the mask thick plus nutritious. Leave the mask for 15 to 20 minutes and then wash it off with lukewarm water.
  2. Chocolate with gram flour – Do you have dark spots and pigmentation? If so then just mix gram flour, lemon drops and chocolate for a great face mask. This will help fix your dark spots and pigmentation in just few weeks.
  3. Chocolate and oatmeal – If blackheads, whiteheads and big pores are an issue for your skin, then you can use oatmeal to make a great scrub. Add chocolates to the oatmeal for moisturizing purposes. Chocolate makes your skin smooth and also hydrates it. Leave this mask for 20 minutes on the skin and then start rubbing it on the areas with problem; you will see the change in your pores or blackheads in just few days. This is a no fail trick which never fails to impress.
  4. Chocolate and banana – If you have thin hair, which is rough then mix chocolates and bananas together. Make sure you use a food processor to grind the banana into the chocolate properly otherwise it can get difficult to take it out from the hair.
  5. Chocolate and yogurt – Do you want voluminous and soft hair? Well, use yogurt and chocolate to make this happen. Just combine the two and leave it on your hair for 15 minutes. Once it is a little dry or settled in, wash it off with warm water and then use a milk shampoo. Avoid your conditioner or extra serum in your hair to see proper results. Use this mask on a regular basis for the next few weeks if you want to see a rapid change in your haircare routine.
  6. Chocolate and coconut milk – Coconut oil is great for our hair but did you know that a mix of chocolate and coconut milk is 10 times better than just coconut oil? This improves the texture, tames frizz, helps condition the hair and also makes it soft. You will literally see a shine in your hair post this mask. Make sure you use a gentle shampoo to rinse out the coconut milk and chocolate.

So, what are you waiting for? Include chocolate in your skincare and haircare routine to see wonderful changes. Also, when you send chocolates online, don’t forget to add this note along!

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