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Ways To Prevent Obesity Among Children

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Obesity is increasing at a rather alarming rate and parents should do the right thing to prevent the epidemic from spreading. Here are things they should do:

Ways To Prevent Obesity Among Children

  1. Instruct them about healthier lifestyle: We should teach our children about healthy habits, but it should be noted that we can’t teach our children about anything if we are not good role models. In reality, many parents are cheaters and they only pretend to lead healthier lifestyle when children are looking. Children can better imitate their surrounding if they see many positive examples.
  2. Teach them early: It is important to start young and it is much easier to train our children to eat healthy food during early age. This will make them make healthier choice on later years. Unfortunately, many parents feed their children vegetables too late and they tend to provide them with sweets and carbohydrate-rich foods. When we teach them properly, children will know that veggies can be quite delicious and they will eat more of them during adulthood.
  3. Eat with your children: Many people eat separately and they often do this in front of the TV. This situation may isolate the eating experience of each family member and it is important for us to encourage good eating habits. By eating together, it is much easier to watch what our children are eating and it is easier to establish bond between parents and children. When dining with children, parents should encourage their children to eat moderately, leisurely and slowly.
  4. Encourage physical activity: Many parents think that it is better for children to spend more time outdoor. However, this kind of decision could encourage children to become couch potatoes. Children often have excess energy and they need to spend much of their time playing and performing sporting activities. Children also eat ravenously and they can become obese if they don’t perform things properly.
  5. Encourage children to meet new friends: Children with good social skills are usually more active and spend their time outdoors. We could arrange time with other parents in the neighbourhood to allow children meet and play active activities.
  6. Be supportive: Children need to lead a healthy lifestyle and parents should show them how they are proud with their children’s achievements. Children who lack support could feel insecure and they may eventually turn to food. By keeping children happy, it is unlikely for them to turn to unwanted influences.
  7. Say no when it is necessary: Obviously, parents shouldn’t spoil their children and there are ways to lead a healthy life. It is essential to keep an eye on our goal and we should try to be patient. Many parents cave in to their kids’ wishes much too easily, simply to avoid conflicts.
  8. Provide vitamin supplements: It should be noted that growing children need plenty of nutrient. In some cases, these nutrients can be provided to our children at adequate quantity by providing more food, which also increases calories intake. So, it is better to provide supplements for our children.
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