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Ways To Ensuring ERP Implementation Success

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There are some ways, which if followed properly, will make sure that a company is able to implement ERP successfully and gain the expected returns on the said investment. The first such step is to make available significant amounts of sponsorship to the executive management team and making sure that they are committed to making the whole setup work. There is a definite reason as to why companies invest in ERP. They feel that this is the best way to go as far as resource and cash investments are concerned. The executive management is initially responsible for defining the important metrics that will measure the value the system is expected to provide. There should also be a budget for making sure the ambitions surrounding the program are realized.

Ways To Ensuring ERP Implementation Success

Role of Management

The management then assigns the responsibilities for the teams responsible for implementation and selection procedures. It also informs the teams what it expects from them in this particular context. As and when may be appropriate they also take a direct part in these processes. It is also important that the executive management team is always supporting and reinforcing the said teams. This can be done in different ways such as the following:

  • They can make sure that the timelines, methods, and project plans are implemented properly.
  • They can make sure that proper status reports and follow up of the project is done on a regular basis.
  • They can make sure that the resources that have been promised to the teams are made available to them as and when is needed. This includes cash as well.
  • If the need arises, they can provide special incentives in order to motivate the team.

The Power of Positivity

It is also very important to remain positive. The executive management should not oppose the project before the teams that are supposed to select and implement the same. The management team should be responsible enough to deal with their inherent concerns pertaining to the project in the executive conference rooms. It is always natural to see entities within an organization opposing any kind of change but that opposition should never come from the executive management team. It is also important that they keep evaluating the project at different stages and see how well it has done vis-à-vis the expectations from that particular stage. It is also important to follow up the progress with the other arms of the same organization. This will allow them to understand whether they have been successful or not and where they need to keep on improving.

The Importance of Adequate Scoping

It is important that the company keeps on going with its scoping activities so that the needs can be properly defined and selected. This can be done by drawing into the fold the user community, which is an expert in these matters. It is always important that the management makes known what expectations it has with regards to increase in production, service levels, and sales, as well as decrease in expenses. This includes other performance indicators that can be quantified.

Role Played by User Community

The user community always plays a major role in these areas considering the fact that it always has people who are able to understand the nuances of the way in which these systems can deliver the results that are expected of them. Their points of view normally are regarded as being more valuable than managers, who may not have used the system first hand. This is why it is always important that these people are made part of selection and scoping procedures. The practical expertise that they are able to bring to a project is just invaluable.

The Importance of Project Managers

Project management is an important skill and one needs to be both trained and experienced in the same. As far as implementing core missions and highly-important systems are concerned these people are worth their weight in gold. They play a variety of roles like the main intermediary between the team responsible for implementing the project and the executive management team. They are the main providers of project plans and also make sure that it is implemented properly. They are also responsible for business processes such as implementation methodology, communication infrastructure, and project execution.

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It is well nigh important that these people are experience as it is that particular quality that allows them to detect the indications and signs of warning and risk. It is also important that the executive management team, as well as members of implementation team, respects them. The methodology that they use should ideally be a tried and tested one. The project managers should also refrain from being partial to anyone within the organization. The concerned person should also have no secret agenda.

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