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VPNs or Seedboxes – Which one is ideal for Online Security?

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Data breaching is now performed at an exponential rate and is expected to increase more with the evolution of new technology.

In such a hot scenario, how can we let you choose a server that will make fake promises to you?

Yes, “server” is the primary thing that strikes the mind when it comes to online security or privacy of personal credentials. Several servers are aligned in the market. But not everyone has the power to secure your online data and other credentials.

Two most prominent servers are highly recommended in this scenario – VPNs (Virtual Private Network) and Seedboxes. You must have heard about them before. Isn’t it?

So, any idea which one is more reliable? Most of you will go with VPNs as they have dominated the market widely. But what about the remote server, seedbox? Aren’t they gained recognition among the users? Of course, they have.

In fact, they have similar recognition like the VPNs. But the problem is, most of the people are either unaware of the advantages or have ended up purchasing the wrong server as per their need.

Yes, it happens. We think something and end up doing something else.
Not a big deal!

If you have faced any such problem, you still have time to rectify this. But for that, you need to learn which one is the best server for handling data breaching.

Virtual Private Network and its Online Security

Virtual Private Networks, abbreviated as VPNs, are quoted as user-friendly security tools for the users. Really? Yes, to some extent. It is popularly known for data encryption.

Data encryption! What’s that?

Data encryption is the conversion of the online data into a secured code that is hard to understand by the endpoint users. It can only be accessed by people who have the decryption key.

VPN is responsible for data encryption. It encrypts the data at the entrance of the tunnel and decrypts them at the other end. Additionally, VPN is also popular for hiding the IP address. Covering up the IP address with another address make the attackers believe that the traffic is coming from another location, preventing it from getting hacked.

VPNs make use of some effective security protocols to hide the IP address. They either use Internet Protocol Security (IPSec) or go for Generic Routing Encapsulation (GRE). Both are responsible for securing traffic on the IPs to a great extent.

However, there is a problem that should not be overlooked.

VPNs being the best for some users, do not restrict traffic sources. It works conveniently for both private and public trackers. Wow! Isn’t it?

Wrong!! Due to their accessibility to both private and public trackers, they sometimes fail to ensure sufficient security connections. Hence, it can be concluded that VPNs, though being the best turn out to be worst in some conditions.

Seedboxes and its Privacy Network

Now, coming to seedboxes. Online data security or privacy is one of the important aspects of these remote servers. It may not have the capability to encrypt the online data like VPNs but it provides a secured network that is enough to hold back the users.

Being a remote hosting server, it does not display the real IP address. Instead, it uses a remote IP address that is hard to track and target. Thus it has almost the same securing feature like the VPNs, but in a different way.

Furthermore, these remote servers are far better in securing online data than VPNs. Active torrent users who are preferring VPNs must go through this thoroughly.

Wondering how?

As it has been mentioned in the previous section, VPNs at times fail to prevent online data breaching activity due to its accessibility to public trackers. In such situations, these remote servers work the best.

The best thing about these remote servers is that it prevents you from getting scary notes like “stop downloading”. If you are using other servers, then you have this experience.

Wrapping up

Hope, now it is clear to you that seedboxes offer relatively more secured network than the VPNs. The best thing is that where VPNs do not work, these remote servers act perfectly without creating any mess.

So, buy a seedbox and secure your network today.

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