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Remedies To Get Rid Of Scar

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Certain section of people might consider scar to be a matter of proud, whereas others simply want it to fade away. Before even resorting to the use of the best skin scar removal soap, you need to figure out what a scar is and how it can fade away. When you are injured a scar emerges as part of the natural process of healing. The moment debris that is the second layer of skin which is prone to damage, this results in the formation of a scar.

  • If the wound goes on to heal fast, less amount of collagen is expected to be deposited, and scar is not seen to be noticeable
  • Scar tends to emerge in different ways in various parts of the human body
  • How severe the scar is would depend upon the severity of the injury or even damage
  • The scars tends to emerge that would depend upon the age of an injured person
  • The type of scars is known to vary accordingly.

Home remedies to ensure scars are a foregone conclusion

No concrete way exists by which a scar is completely disposable, but many do become lighter on their own after a certain point of time. The advocates of the natural healing process are of the opinion that the scars are less noticeable and this is going to make the scar less noticeable. There are a series of remedies that is effective for certain section of people


  • Before you proceed to bed, the scar has to be covered with a layer of honey
  • The scar that is covered with honey needs to be wrapped in bandage
  • It has to be left open the entire night
  • Once you wake up in the morning remove the bandage and the honey has to be washed with warm water
  • This has to be strictly followed as part of your daily routine

Coconut oil

  • You need to be heating a couple of teaspoons of coconut oil in order to liquidly it
  • This warm oil has to be massaged on to your scar for a few minutes
  • The skin should absorb the oil for around an hour
  • This procedure has to be repeated 2 to 4 times in a day


  • From a wedge you need to cut fresh lemon
  • The juicy portion of the lemon has to be smeared on the scar while you go on to squeeze the juice on to the scar
  • You need to relax for 10 minutes before you rinse the region with cold water
  • This remedy has to be followed at the same time every day.

Before you are planning to the resort of any of these remedies, you need to wash the scar with warm water and even dry the region around it. In fact these remedies needs to be applied on scars and not on the open wounds. If any of the remedies causes irritation you can stop it at the very moment. If you are looking to make the scar less noticeable it is better to opt for a natural remedy.

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