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VoIP Numbers Come With Benefits

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It’s a time to change, we are in 21st century and we need change. New technologies are coming up so why to remain stick to the same old things. This technology falls under the class of hardware and software that allow the user to make internet as a mode of transmission for making calls. In this type of network, the calls are transferred through the data packets that make use of Internet Protocol Traditional Circuit Transmission.

It is a method through which the voice and multimedia data is transmitted over the IP network, VoIP actually means Voice over Internet Protocol. This is one of the way of interacting with people by using internet. And it can also be termed as internet telephony or broadband telephony. They are basically the transmitted digital signals that are extracted from the vibration that occurs when people converse with each other. The benefit of using this network is that you don’t have to pay for your calls per minute or for per second like the other networks. It is one of the efficient method of delivering messages. With the help of VoIP, we can send and receive voice messages or information, even multimedia message can be forwarded through this.

VoIP Numbers Come With Benefits

It is basically nothing but a pattern of numbers, when dialled can help in connecting two people who wish to talk. No logics or technical learning is required to use this network. It is very easy to use this network, calling can be done with ease, all is required to connect to this network is LAN port, the equipment will connect itself automatically and register with the network.

What Makes VoIP Number different from other Network?

  • PSTN stands for Public Switched Telephone Network whereas VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol.
  • PSTN is a traditional method of connecting to people whereas with latest technique VoIP has made its existence in the market and is more in demand.
  • In VoIP all the channels are carried over one single internet connection whereas in case of PSTN there are only dedicated lines.
  • PSTN can be easily be upgraded with latest technology and VoIP requires bandwidth and software’s to upgrade itself.
  • PSTN cost more for extra features like call waiting, caller Id whereas in VoIP it is included in the service and the client has to pay nothing.
  • VoIP is very flexible network in comparison to PSTN.

Advantages of VoIP

  • Inexpensive – this is the best way to save money as using VoIP is quite reasonable as it uses only one network to carry on processes very easily and in an affordable rate.
  • Extra Cables are not required–it is entirely portable and you can carry it anywhere you like.
  • Features– it provides with great features like call waiting and caller ID without any extra cost.
  • No Area Limitation – VoIP services can be used without geographical limitations, a person sitting at India can easily subscribe for the number of Australia.
  • Video Conferencing – VoIP provide great video conferencing experience at a nominal price.
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