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Uses Of Drug Test Kit In Detection Times

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Employment drug testing has increased all the time as what the company requires for a clean and healthy manpower service. Thus the testing interpretations are also continually evolving to meet exact analysis and prevent fake results for the benefits of those unreliable.

Uses Of Drug Test Kit In Detection Times

Drug detection largely depends upon the distribution, absorption, and properties of elimination with various drug administrations like oral, inhalation and intravenous. Users who take drugs orally have slower absorption whereas inhalation and intravenous have results with fast absorbing.

Importance of Detection Time

Drug test kit indicates points in time that can reveal the presence of drug metabolites in hair, urine and saliva. The time from the drug first detected is also included up to the point when you will test clean. This can do variations and range from hours to months depending on the drug test, specifications of drug, the time the drugs been used, personal health, and other points that distinctive to you.

The detection of counter medications drugs can give false detection and can cause you to fail even if you don’t have prohibited drugs in your system. In most drugs, its general appearance can be detected within two to eight hours after use. With the use of blood drug test the results are almost immediate while hair testing can be detected for about five to seven days after use.

Uses Of Drug Test Kit In Detection Times

Factors that can Affect Drug Detection

The actual drug in the system is tested in the form of metabolite. Substance ingestion metabolizes or changes the substance into a form of two or more metabolites and when not in use, these can be stored in growing cells such as nails, hair, up to the extent of your fatty cells. The more fats, the longer the drug will detected.

Many factors can affect the exact time table to remain drugs as detectable. Most drug test has various cut off levels which can decrease or increase the drug detection time.

Variations of Drug Detection Time are based upon:

  • Frequency and amount of use
  • Body Mass
  • Metabolic Rate – if your body has slow metabolism process, it has longer detection time
  • Age
  • Physical activity-Inactive is prone to longer detection
  • Drug Tolerance- it has shorter detection time if it is established
  • Overall Health- bad health results to longer detection time
  • pH Level of urine – it has impact on the detection especially if it is acidic, thus it has shorter detection time
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