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Use of Smart Board Interactive Displays in Education

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There are many possibilities and options for use and educational use of the digital board in the classroom and at school. Below are some proposals:

  • Support for teacher explanations;
  • Presentation of activities and resources for the treatment of diversity;
  • Public presentation of resources by students;
  • Public presentation of group work;
  • Support in the debates: joint use by the teacher and the students;
  • The newspaper in class and multilingual diversity;
  • Videoconferences and collective online communications in class;
  • Performance of exercises and other collaborative work in class;
  • Collective correction of exercises in class;
  • Search for questions on the internet;
  • The board. Use as a normal board;
  • Joint synthesis. On any subject, the digital whiteboard can be used to make joint syntheses in the classroom;
  • Multiculturalism in the classroom. Foreign students who search the Internet for information can be commissioned;
  • Learning about the use of computer programs;
  • The whiteboard and the centre intranet. It becomes a window to this network;
  • The webcam and the scanner. With the help of a webcam or a scanner, any document can be presented through the digital whiteboard.

These are the applications that have implemented the development in students as well as teachers who have verified the great use that is given both in meetings, meetings, exhibitions etc.

Primary Functions

  • The board transmits the corresponding instructions to the computer;
  • The computer sends the instructions and the normal display to the video projector;
  • The video projector projects the result on the board, which allows the person who manages the equipment to see in real time what he does on the board and how to interpret the computer.

These applications are used correctly, satisfactory results can be obtained since it will improve the learning of students and teachers will also obtain a better way of teaching and complement their knowledge.

Learning Obtained Through These Functions

We believe that in the first place the interest and motivation that arouses in the student body, it facilitates the understanding of concepts. Secondly, their participation in an active way, the student has to leave the board, has to select objects, has to drag, has to paint, has to write … in this way the learning is more meaningful.

Many of our students lack the precision necessary to handle a computer mouse. The interactive whiteboard opens the door to a simple use of the possibilities of the computer with the simple contact of your fingers or hands moving over it. Writing, painting, accessing an album of images, sounds, calculations, visiting a web page is now easier

Advantages of using these interactive whiteboards

  • It is an inexhaustible source of multimedia and interactive information available immediately in the classroom that allows you to take advantage of many materials made by teachers, students;
  • It allows classes to be more colourful and audiovisual, making it easier for students to follow the teachers’ explanations;
  • Students, in general, are more attentive, motivated and interested;
  • Allows you to consult and present collectively in class the notes and work done by teachers and students;
  • Students have a more active role, since it is easier to publicly present the work they do and the digital materials of interest they find.

The great advantages that smart boards leave us are having more learning as students and teachers a better facility to present their topics in the classroom and in this way it can be more comprehensive for all students this is not only generated in schools if also in offices when meetings or meetings are held and even conferences having more ease of presenting their topics, would be an advantage of use in the ITPSR since it gives more attention to students and more interest and is easier for a Teachers give their class with this technological tool that gives us a better use on campus that are interactive whiteboards or smart boards.

The implementation of digital interactive whiteboards within educational institutes would be a viable option, since teaching would be improved, learning would be optimal because teachers would always be within the thematic structure of curricular subjects and would be complemented by audiovisual and computer tools.

On the other hand also the student community will show more interest to the classes, since at present the young people are attracted by the latest technology devices with high sound quality, graphic representation (this refers to the images produced or presented) and with which you can interact. This implementation of smart boards by producing a greater interest of students, will reduce the failure rate and increase students’ motivation to contribute their own ideas to the class or clear their mind. Thus, both the teacher and the student body would raise the academic level of the institute by placing it in one of the first places in education whether at the local, state or national level.

The interactive whiteboards is one of the very useful tools within student classrooms that lead to a better use in students and for teachers an easy management of technology this can be very effective. It has its advantages and disadvantages but if the interactive boards are used correctly, the use that is required will be very useful and very satisfactory for everyone. Taking into account the costs that will be generated in the implementation will be at first somewhat high but with a good academic result that will produce a large number of applicants to the institute that will cover the initial expenses and much more due to the academic references that are published and others that recommend that the institution is trained with new technology and with fully trained teachers to put these technologies to good use.

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