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Disabled iPod? Follow these Tips for an Easy Fix!

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For millennial Apple users, the iPod is as necessary as clothes and food. Whether they are working out, doing a task, or travelling it is not an uncommon sight to find one hooked to their iPod. If you too have an iPod touch then you must be able to relate to the above notions. However, what happens when suddenly your iPod doesn’t function or seems disabled?

It seems like the world crashed, isn’t it? You might instantly wonder what to do? Should you get a new one? Or, maybe contact your operator and invest in iPod touch parts?

But, wait! Before you jump to conclusions, your iPod touch can malfunction owing to several issues! Luckily most of them have a solution! So, be patient and give this blog a read to find out ways t fix a disabled iPod.

Here Goes!

  1. Use iTunes to Unlock Disabled iPod

An interesting way to unlock your disabled iPod is with the help of iTunes. All you require doing is removing the device registered with iTunes to delete the security code. Now, after you’re done with that follow these simple steps-

Step 1: Link your iPod touch to the laptop/computer which you have previously used for synchronizing your iPod with iTunes.

Step 2: Open iTunes from the registered computer.

Step 3: Now, wait for iTunes to sync with your device. Once done click on it from the iPhone icon and go to “summary”.

Step4: Once the backup and sync are all done, go to “Restore iPod” and click to get the job done.

  1. Unlock iPod Touch with LockWiper

As you’re well aware, the iPod is a mystical device. It is tiny, plays music, runs apps, makes calls, runs videos and even records HD videos. However, it isn’t invincible; loads of conditions can make it stop working or freeze. The iPod might stop owing to corrupted shock, may malfunction due to a poor battery or freeze owing to a colder temperature.

However, most of these can be fixed thanks to the advent of a new tool named iMyFone LockWiper.

What is the characteristic of a Lock Wiper?

  • l The Lock Wiper uses a security code to unblock a frozen iPod.
  • l It allows the unblocking of the iPod with a Face ID or Touch ID.
  • l Lock Wiper can work to open disabled, blocked or broken iOS screens.
  • l This tool further can go within an active iOS device and unlock a cloud account.


How to use iMyFone LockWiper?

The first thing to do with iMyFone LockWiper is downloading the tool in a computer/laptop. Secondly, link the iPod device to the PC for following the guidelines for booting the iPod. You need to do this via the DFU Mode.

Once in this mode, this tool will showcase data for your iPhone. If the data is correct press the “Download” option for installing the firmware. Once done tap on the “Start to Verify” button to begin unlocking of the iPod.

Within a few moments, your iPod will be unlocked. However, it is important to know that data stored previously is likely to get deleted via this process.

Well, there you have it with these two steps you can unlock the device. If the problem persists, contact a reputed Apple operator a trusted distributor for buying Apple replacement parts wholesale. Replacing a part can also help maintain an old device. Good luck!

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