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Understanding Return Of Investment For Any SEO Project

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Search engine optimization is often considered as a component of marketing efforts. For this reason, calculating ROI of our SEO campaign is seen as very important. In general, we should have the proper ballpark figures to estimate whether our SEO campaign can be seen as profitable and worthwhile.

It means that we should make sure that our SEO campaign will be a huge payoff. If there’s no direct payoff of our activity, then it is not a good idea to continue to the current SEO method. Both SEO professionals and website owners should determine whether they should continue with the current investment.

When calculating the ROI of our SEO campaign, we should also consider our revenue stream. It means that our earning should be balanced with the amount of money and time we spend. Are we getting enough sales? Are we getting enough money from advertising clicks on our website? The amount of traffic that arrives to our website doesn’t directly correlate with profitability if they are poorly targeted.

We should keep in mind that people who arrive to our website should be interested with our content or products. This will encourage them to purchase our products or click on relevant advertising.

Bar chart business growth

Calculating ROI can be achieved if we are able to accurately estimate how many people will become our customers and whether they will follow through. Through Adword, up to 5 percent will become our loyal customers, but we could also rely on free traffic from search engines and this requires highly efficient SEO campaign.

Whether customers will be converted will depend largely on the type of our industry and how well our website sells specific products. The fastest ways of getting results is by making sure that our SEO campaign is highly effective. Our SEO campaign can have good progress if we know what we are doing.

PPC campaign is often more effective than SEO, but it can be quite expensive after awhile. In some cases, we could even lose money through ineffective advertising. In this case, we should prioritize more organic listings. A normal Adwords budget may cost us about $20 each day and we should make sure that the annual revenue will be much higher than $8,000 to ensure that we have decent profitability.

We should know how much traffic that is directed to our website and how many of them actually purchase our products. If we can’t get enough annual revenue, then we should reconsider our SEO and Adwords campaigns.

After the initial SEO campaign is completed, we should see early results. If there are no signs whatsoever that we are getting results; we should ask ourselves whether we are doing things properly. Some SEO professionals are charging by the project, per month or by the hours. We should know that SEO is an ongoing process and it should be performed during the existence of our website.

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