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Types Of Security Roller Shutters and Picking The Right Security Roller Shutters

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Security roller shutters are a boon when it comes to additional security for your home, store or even your office. They add that extra protection to your gates, especially the glass gates that are easily breakable. Usually one doesn’t think about getting roller shutters until they leave for a vacation or head out somewhere for a long time. In case of offices or workplaces, these shutters are usually not installed until there is a robbery in the neighborhood or some act of vandalism that destroys the gorgeous glass door of yours. Here are some tips on picking the right security roller shutters:

Types Of Security Roller Shutters and Picking The Right Security Roller Shutters


One of the most vital aspects that come to the mind while choosing roller shutters is the material that should be used. Ideally, metals like aluminum work the best here, because they are affordable, reliable and of course, durable. There are some shutters that are made using two or more kind of materials like steel and aluminum, or even an assortment of others. The idea of mixing two metals really works here because you are able to get rid of your woes of paying for expensive material and of course the cost or price workouts to be cheaper too.

Types of Security Roller Shutters:

There are different kinds of these roller shutters available on the basis of how you want them to be installed. Some of these are as follows:

  • Built-on Roller Shutter Doors – Basically, the roller shutters that are built on the exterior of the building area or façade. Basically, these are fixed at the exterior of buildings. They look classy and offer perfect security options. You can get these for your home or windows.
  • Built-in Roller Shutter Doors – As the name suggests, these are security roller shutters that are made or installed inside the lintel above the window or gate. So, when you lift them up, they will not visible. This gives you an alternative or solution to keep the shutters hidden. This type of shutter door is ideal for homes or similar places where do you want to the shutter to be visible.
  • Integrated Shutter – These are roller shutters where the window along with the shutter is made into a single unit. Here one will be able to save both on time and cost by handling just one kind of shutter. This is again suited for homes and commercial places like shops where you want to avoid the hassle of having a window along with a shutter, instead do with just one.
  • Tilting lath Roller Shutters – These security roller shutters feature a lath that comes with a tilt. It is very much like the venetian blind that can be tilted. They are suitable mainly for hotels and lodges.
  • Manual – For smaller level or low scale operations, there are manual roller shutters available in the market. These are ideal for smaller shops and stores. They have a joint on the side of the room.
  • Manual tape – These are the kind of shutters that come with a tape drive and a flange on the roller. It is then traced right through the façade and comes with pulleys. So the shutter can be guided on the side of the room. Again, these work for small stores or shops.
  • Electric shutters – These electrically operated security roller shutters are more suited for places where you need additional security and have huge gates or doors. These are ideally more suited for malls, factories and other similar, bigger enterprises.

So go ahead and make use of a shutter that meets your requirements for your home, workplace or any other commercial space.

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