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Top Advantages Of On Premise IP PBX Telephone System

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IP PBX telephone system makes use of the internet to manage call switching, routing, and handling other messaging aspects. IP PBX is an advanced communication technology that is loaded with versatile and scalable features. In addition, it has the ability to connect with traditional PSTN cable lines. Thus, you do not have to switch carriers. The PBX system includes one or multiple IP phones, PBX server, and VoIP gateway to link with existing PSTN lines.

The function of IP PBX server is similar to hosted VoIP proxy server. However, IP PBX server dwells on-premise. SIP clients can be connected using hardware-based IP phones or soft phones. Registered IP phones along with their corresponding SIP addresses are established on the IP PBX server. Thus, internal network (LAN) calls are connected or outgoing calls are routed via VoIP gateway or VoIP service provider.

Advantages of On-premise IP PBX

  • Your existing LAN is used – An IP PBX system dwelling on your network and employing your existing local area network has to travel a short expanse. Thus, the signaling distance and latency (time) to pass through is short. There is no need to travel across the internet and traverse other networks.
  • Low operational cost – In hosted VoIP, the upfront is most likely low, but how can you forget the ongoing monthly subscription cost, which can increase in due course.

Besides taking advantage of low cost VoIP routing business owned PBX will generally result in lowering the average monthly operating cost. Large organizations employing multiple extensions can gain a lot from their personal on-premise PBX.

  • Easy installation & configuration – An IP PBX business telephony setup is easy to install, especially when the person is skilled and experienced.
  • Simple management – Graphical User Interface of PBX has been designed in such a way that less technical minded users can easily make additions and changes.
  • Easy mobility – Obviously, the phones are IP based, so just like a computer you can disconnect it from existing link and move it to another room or corner. Connect it and soon it will link with PBX server and start operating as usual. The days where traditional phone relocation needed technicians to change the cross connections are gone.
  • Unified messaging – The ability to receive and listen to messages from inbox as well as PDF from faxes enhances communication and productivity. In addition, incorporation work related apps like CRM packages can improve business performance.
  • Remote extensions – Workers can connect an attuned IP phone from their home internet connection for attaining extension dialing benefits.
  • Branch offices – New branch offices can be added to head office existing IP PBX system.
  • SIP trunking – In on-premise IP PBX, you can get connected to cheap VoIP providers through SIP trunking. Thus, the phone bills related to international or long distance calls reduces significantly.

SMBs having a home office find it easy to keep in touch with consumers via internet based phone system. In general, the consumer is not aware of your whereabouts and by dialing their calls via an auto attendant, and music on hold feature is enough to convince them that they have contacted your business office. In addition, the system gives your small home business a professional feel.

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